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There is no arguing that Spotify is a popular music streaming service; after all, more than 200,000+ active users can’t be wrong. And with just under half of those users paying out a monthly subscription, you have to ask yourself if you should be using the Free version or the Premium one. spotify plus app

Let’s find out.

What Did We Like:

Spotify offers a decent range of features:

  • More than 35 million music tracks
  • Unlimited streaming opportunity
  • Compatible with all major mobile and desktop platforms
  • Offers cool social networking tools
  • Several plans to choose from
  • Listen offline
  • 30-day free trial (premium plan)
  • User-friendly interface


What Did We Dis-Like:

There are always downsides to everything:

  • Ads pop up on the free version
  • Limit of 6 months on unlimited streaming on the free plan
  • You can’t purchase DRM-free music directly in the US
  • Only the European version has the radio facility
  • No offline mode on the free plan
  • Free trials are invite-only in the US

Stay with us

Spotify Free Version Benefits:

Spotify iOS App

Spotify Android

The free version is perfect for those who don’t want a monthly subscription to worry about but, while you do get unlimited streaming, that will stop after 6 months, and you will be limited to 10 hours a month.  While it is ad-supported, there aren’t too many, and you can use the app on both desktop and mobile devices.

Sound impressive?

Premium Version Benefits:

spotify plus app

For a small price, you can get rid of those ads for good, and you can enjoy unlimited streaming for as long as you pay your subscription. Offline mode is a useful addition because you can listen anywhere, anytime and not have to worry about not having a connection. Plus, faster downloads, exclusive content and the benefit of streaming via a compatible home system add to the benefits.

It gets better

Student Discount Available:spotify plus student discount

Any student can take advantage of a 50% discount on the premium subscription price, so long as they are at accredited universities or colleges. And, for that $5 per month, you also get a free subscription to both Showtime and Hulu. You can renew yearly at this price three times.

Over to you

Final Conclusion:

If the ads don’t bother you and you don’t want to pay, chose the free plan; the benefits are still high. But if you want more, if you wish to the unlimited streaming, no ads, offline mode, and faster streaming speeds, you want the premium plan.

The choice is yours.

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Spotify Plus offers users all the excellent features, enhancing your experience of using the app. Don’t miss out on that; download this app today and start enjoying your music without any limits and any of those irritating ads.

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83 thoughts on “Spotify Plus App”

  1. Hi I’ve tried logging in and it doesn’t let me log in it day my username and password dont match but when I download the free version I can log in just fine I’m on a galaxy s8 plus

  2. I am able to sign in but it flashes a black screen with “you are offline” and then kicks me out of the app to the main screen. I am unable to sign in to my account and I even made a new one and it still kicks me out. I don’t understand what’s going on.

  3. I keep being told that my email/password combination is incorrect. Even had my password reset!
    I can use the play store app fine, but not this. And yes, I’ve deleted anything Spotify except for the actual ++ app, which isn’t allowing me to log in.
    What do?
    I have a galaxy s7 edge

  4. It worked for me, just I couldn’t download songs. Right nor I can’t even download the app!!! What happened? :((( help me please I was enjoying my music

  5. I’ll install it, and it’ll show up on my home screen, but I can’t open it and the icon is the Apple icon that shows when it’s installing an app.

    • you are right , this happens when apps are revoked. all apps are revoked by apple today on all app installers . none of them are working , tweakbox , appavalley etc. things should be back to normal in 24 hrs.

  6. Super happy I read the comments. Just want to say thanks for being amazing providers (so much better than tweakbox) I hope everything gets fixed soon enough 🙂

  7. I try downloading the app and once it installs it turns gray and instead of saying Spotify it says something like [email protected]

    It all started when I tried verifying the app and it just kept on rejecting that so I deleted it and tried to re download it

    I’m using iPhone 5s

  8. App crashed and it doesn’t let me download it again. Is Apple having issues ? I tried to download other apps again as well and they are all doing the same thing

  9. So I’ve waited about two days and I’ve been deleting and redowbloading the app and it just is not working. Did it get revoked again??

  10. Yea, so the app keeps saying some stuff about it being unvarified, so I would need to redownload it, but when I do it says some, “unable to install.”

  11. So, yesterday the app was back up and running perfectly. But today it said I had to verify the app again, which wouldn’t work, so I deleted it and tried to reinstall and the app popped up and then disappeared instantly. What should I do?

  12. My spotify++ downloads but then the app fades to black. It shows “cancel download” if I press on it so Spotify++ doesn’t work.

  13. I have went through all the comments that you guys have left and I have followed every instruction you listed to fix my problem and still nothing is working I deleted everything off of my browser like I cleared everything I re downloaded it more than once and still nothing is working I don’t understand

  14. I have been messaging you guys are leaving comments for the last like month and I have yet to get a reply I don’t understand why I’m being ignored I look on your page every day and I see that you’re applying to other people but I get ignored every single day could you please help me out I’m having so many issues with your apps I just won’t help please

  15. again I’m still trying to get some help but no one wants to help me from your team I see that you guys have message boards you have emails but I have yet to get a reply please help me none of your apps are working for me please help please please please please please no one is helping me please

  16. I have love you guys multiple comments in multiple emails but I have yet to see any of my comments being posted I slide through the site and I see that I am you guys pose the questions and concerns that people have but my never seems to be posted so I’m wondering if you’re getting my messages I’m going to keep sending them until I get some help but I am it would be nice to get some recognition or verification that you’re actually listening to please help

    • Hey, yes we are receiving your messages, but are overwhelmed with the comments we are getting daily due to the revokes from Apple. I would suggest trying an alternative app installer, like the TweakBox app for a working solution that you are looking for.

  17. My Spotify ++ is downloaded but it won’t work it ses Spotify ++ down the bottom of the app and the app got a blank screen and when I tap it it won’t go into to the app I’ve left u guys many commments pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls help me I need Spotify pls

  18. So I download Spotify++ and I’ve used all the other apps on the internet serious I download Spotify and it comes up with a darkend app not grey dark with the Spotify symbol and ses [email protected]… down the bottom help pls pls

  19. so, I’ve been trying to download the songs but it won’t download and it says “waiting to download “ ,,, does it not have this feature,, but overall, thanks


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