Emus4U is the number #1 unofficial third-party app store, providing you with access to thousands of apps and games like the official appstore but with a difference. Everything in Emus4U is FREE to use.emus4u app original small

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Supported iOS Firmware’s :

For the Android platform, there are Emus4U APK files. Get the APK files for installation below .

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Popular Apps on Emus4U :

moviebox appGet App
spotify plus plusGet App

How to Use Emus4U App :

Using Emus4U is really very easy. Once you have installed it:

  1. Locate the app icon on your home screen and double tap it to open it
  2. Click on the ( APPS ) button or tap on the button above directly from this page.
  3. Select your Category emus4u_apps2
  4. Browse through or use the Search feature to find your favorite apps and games

Top Emus4U App Features :

  • AppStore Apps – plenty of iOS app store apps and games, all free
  • Emus4U Apps – Cydia tweaks, games emulators, screen recorder apps and more
  • Tweaked Apps – stock apps provided with new features , including Spotify++ and Snapchat++
  • Modified Games popular games with additional mods, including Pokémon Go, Minecraft PE and more

Frequently Asked Questions :

Compatible on iOS 12 , Emus4U app is one of the most reliable app installers. There is a huge choice of apps and games, much of this content is Exclusively available in Emus4U app, nowhere else.

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