EMUS4U Apps and Games

Emus4U is the number #1 Unofficial Third-party App Store, providing access to thousands of apps and games for FREE.emus4u app original small

Directly download the app by tapping the download button below.

Install Emus4U 

Supported iOS Firmware’s:

For the Android platform, there are APK files. Get the APK files for installation below.

Emus4U Android

PC and Mac Download of the app installer is also possible. Follow the linked download page.

Windows PC

How to Use Emus4U:

Using this app installer is very easy. Once you have installed it:

  1. Locate the app icon on your home screen and tap it to open it
  2. Click on the Check Out Our Apps button emus4u app
  3. Select your Category 
  4. Browse through or use the Search feature to find your favorite apps and games

Top Features:

  • Apple AppStore Apps – Plenty of iOS app store apps and games
  • Exclusive Apps – Cydia tweaks, console game emulators like HappyChick, screen recorders, Movie apps and more
  • Tweaked Apps – Stock apps provided with new features 
  • Modified Games – Popular games with additional mods

Why Download Emus4U App?

When you have iOS 12, which is feature rich in itself, one may ask why download Emus4U app?

To understand this, one must realize that it is an unofficial app store which offers a massive choice of exclusive third-party content that is not available on Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore. In the app, you can find several categories of apps, including Emulator apps, Screen recorder apps, and Modified apps. It has full iOS 12 support, and you can find out how the app works by visiting the ( About ) page.

Faster than Other App Installers:

emus4u download speed graph

Emus4U is 14% faster than its closest competitor TweakBox, and 90% faster than Cydia, which is the original jailbreak app store. 

No Jailbreak Required:

no jailbreak emus4u

The newest iOS firmware, iOS 12, packs in even more advanced security features while also implementing stricter Apple guidelines for what an app can do on your phone. However, this does not hinder the functionality of Emus4U installer as it won’t need to break into the security to gain root access as jailbreaking does. This app installer runs the same way as any regular Apple AppStore app does. Moreover, because of this, it is more secure and safe to use.

100% Reliable:emus4u quality check and reliability

Compatible on iOS 12, the 3rd party app store is one of the most reliable app installers out there. Each app is thoroughly tested by its every individual developer and after several beta testing, and error fixes, they are released to the user. However, we do an additional quality check ourselves before adding it to our app store.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

Errors are always a nuisance, and you get the Untrusted Developer error when you open this app installer. Luckily, it is easy to fix, just by trusting the app profile.

  1. Launch Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap General and go to Profiles
  3. Tap on the app name in the profiles list and tap the Trust button
  4. Closing Settings down, try the installer again, and you should find it works with no errors.

How to Stop Emus4U App Revokes:

emus4u app revoke

If there is one thing that Apple hates, it is unofficial apps like these. It is a great installer, packed with cool apps and tweaks, but Apple won’t allow it to run on your device, and they will revoke the app certificate, as quickly as you install it. The easiest way to stop this from happening is to install a VPN on your phone after you have installed this app. Apple will not be able to track the software’s you use so they can’t revoke the certificate.