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Emus4U is the number #1 Unofficial Third-party App Store, providing access to thousands of apps and games for download. emus4u app

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How to Use Emus4U:

Using this app installer is very easy. Once you have installed it on your iPhone or iPad, follow the steps below.

  1. Locate the app icon on your home screen and tap it to open it
  2. Click on the Check Out Our Apps button emus4u app
  3. Select your Category 
  4. Browse through or use the search feature to find your favorite apps and games

Why Download Emus4U App?


When you have iOS 13, which is feature-rich in itself, one may ask why download Emus4U app?

To understand this, one must realize that it is an unofficial app store which offers a massive choice of exclusive third-party content that is not available on Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore. In the app, you can find several categories of apps, including Emulator apps, Screen recorder apps, and Tweaked apps. It has full iOS 13 support, and you can find out how the app works by visiting the ( About ) page.

App Features:

app features

  • iOS Apps – Plenty of iPhone and iPad apps and games
  • Exclusive Apps – Cydia tweaks, console game emulators like HappyChick, screen recorders, Movie apps and more
  • Tweaks – iOS Firmware tweaks that add new features to your device

Faster than Other Apps:


Emus4U is 14% faster than its closest competitor TweakBox, and 90% faster than Cydia, which is the original jailbreak app store. An average app download takes less than 45 seconds ( *based on standard 4G data speeds worldwide ).

No Jailbreak Needed:

emus4u jailbreak

The newest iOS firmware, iOS 13, packs in even more advanced security features while also implementing stricter Apple guidelines for what an app can do on your phone. However, this does not hinder the functionality of Emus4U installer as it won’t need to jailbreak into the security to gain root access as jailbreaking does. This app installer runs the same way as any regular Apple AppStore app does. Moreover, because of this, it is more secure and safe to use.

100% Reliable and Secure:


Compatible on iOS 13 and below, this 3rd-party appstore is one of the most reliable app installers out there. Each app is thoroughly tested by its every individual developer and after several beta testing, and error fixes, they are released to the user. However, we do an additional quality check ourselves before adding it to our app store.

Active Support Team:


Emus4U app has dedicated support managers and qualified professionals to handle users queries and troubleshooting download and installation issues. Customer loyalty is our first priority and we take that seriously.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

All the above questions and more answered on our dedicated FAQ page for new and existing Emus4U app users. We keep on adding new Q&A to this page, so don’t forget to check out.


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