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Are you looking to download Emus4u on your Android device? Emus4U app is “Exclusively Available on iOS” devices. So if you are looking to download your favorite Emus4u apps like GBA4iOS and Delta Emulator, then download Panda Helper app for Android. It’s designed for Android, and the download instructions are given below.emus4u android

How-to Download Tutorial:

To get the free apps and games apk files onto your Android device tap on the download button below.

Download Link 1 

Download Link 2

  1. First, you need the Settings app on your Android device and then open Security
  2. Tap the box beside Unknown Sources to make sure it is enabled โ€“ if it isnโ€™t, the apps cannot be installed on your mobile device  
  3. Download the .apk file from the links above. 
  4. Find the file, double tap on it and wait for it to install on your device  
  5. When the app has finished installing, find the app icon on your homepage, tap it launch it  
  6. Start enjoying the apps and games panda helper android app

Android APK Not Working?

If for some reason, the Android APK link does not work as it should, the easiest thing to do is to ( Delete it ) from your device and reinstall following the above steps, once again.

For most people who have experienced problems, this has worked.

Android App Features:

Panda Helper is a third-party app installer, designed for Android users only. It is packed with Free and Unofficial iOS apps, games, tweaks and more that can’t be found in any other place. The best part is, Android users do not need to “Root” their devices to get this app. Have a look at what you get with this app installer:

  • No Rooting required
  • No ID or email required to sign in to the app
  • Your warranty is safe
  • Super-easy user-interface and dead simple to navigate
  • Cache cleaner built-in
  • Every app, game, tweak, ringtone, theme, and more are all free
  • Updated regularly with great new features and security files
  • Plenty of other features

Well, what do you think?

Got Questions?

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Downloading 3rd-party Android APK files is simple enough to do, and as its all free, so you are not losing anything by giving it a go. Give your Android device new life today by installing the Android app installer as described above, and tell us how you get along with it and follow us on Facebook for more Android related tips.

Additional Information:

App Name:
Emus4u Inc.

*Found a Broken Link? Report Us below.


  1. Thank you for this info guys. There are so many fakes around on the web that i cant believe which one is true and which one is a fake. I will keep subscribed to you on Facebook to stay updated.

    Cheers !!!

    1. We will be adding more APK files. Please leave your requests i the comments section, so we can add top rated APK files for you guys.

      cheers !!!

  2. This movie box app is not working the movies are not playing when I click on it
    Thanks a lot for getting my hopes up thinking that this work

    1. It works. You just have to wait a minute. And sometimes you have to click out of the movie and click back on it. Patience is a virtue.

  3. Samsung 8 active. Can’t get it to work either ๐Ÿ˜• the options they are giving me to open the permissions aren’t even the same ones i have so i have no idea what to click on.

    1. yes correct. this is not as smooth as our iOS version. We were able to get this working. If you want a true Android App Installer, use ACMarket or Panda Helper apk ( link in the post above )

  4. every time I install this on my chromebook, I do switch it to chrome os developer mode and dthe app still isn’t working!!! I need help as soon as possible please!

  5. Downloaded the app on a samsung s9 and huawei p20 and my PC and it downloads but opens when I choose what type of apps I want it just says try again. I have permissions enabled.

    1. that is a strange issue since you already have Unknown Sources enabled. We will get in touch with our developers to sort this out. can you email a screenshot to our facebook page. thanks

  6. Neither ACMarket or Emus4u are working. Both downloaded successfully and neither are working. And I want Pokemon Go and not seeing an option for games?

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