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Hey there! Are you the same as me, fed up with having to pay for premium features on music streaming apps like Pandora ?

pandora plus

Want to know how to get all those premium features for FREE ?

Yes, that’s right – Free.

Pandora++ is the app you need, bringing you all the stock features and all the premium features such as high-quality streaming, no ads, and no limits on what you can download. There’s no timeout after 180 minutes like there is on the free version, and you even get music suggestions based on what you listen to and it’s all free.

There’s a catch, though.

The only way you can get Pandora++ for free is to download an unofficial store called Emus4U.

One of the best app stores in the world, Emus4U offers a huge amount of apps and games, many with the premium features unlocked.

Download Pandora++ Free :

Direct Download Link

And using it is simple; download Emus4U, open the store and search for Pandora++; install it and enjoy all the premium features unlocked just for you.

That’s not all.

You don’t need to install Cydia to use Emus4U or any of the apps and games contained in it. It works on all iOS devices and is as simple to download and use as any app from the app store is. If you run into an untrusted developer error, simply open Settings > General > Profiles, trust the Pandora++ profile and try Pandora++ again.

Ridiculously Simple to do.

So, what now? Go and download Emus4U onto your device and get your unlocked version of Pandora++ today, completely free. Want more tips like this? Then follow us on Facebook and we’ll release our secret tricks.

Pandora Plus Alternative :

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