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Have you been using Mediabox HD to stream your movies? Did you know that is no longer a legal way of streaming content to your mobile device? This shouldn’t really surprise you; in the last few years, there has been a lot of attention on streaming apps, not all of it good. You do have other choices though and we’ve found five that offer everything Mediabox HD does.

Let’s get started

Top Five Mediabox HD Alternatives:

Plenty of alternatives, some paid and some free – these are just five of the legal apps we found:

  • Hotstar


With Hotstar, you get to choose between using it free and paying for a subscription but the free version offers more than enough for most people. With more than 100,000 hours of viewing spread over news, documentaries, movies, shows, and more, Hotstar already has more than 350 million users, definitely a popular choice.

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  • Kodi


This is a grey area – Kodi in itself is completely legal and free to use. It is the perfect storage place for all your own media but there are also a series of add-ons that let you stream all sorts of content. These are not always considered legal and may be removed at any time so you do use Kodi at your own risk.

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Wait, there’s more

  • MX player

mxplayer iphone

MX Player has over 150,000 hours of viewing, including movies, TV series, shows, Hindi TV shows, and more. There are several languages supported, playback is very smooth and you can choose between streaming there and then or downloading to watch offline later.

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  • Netflix


Another popular choice, Netflix offers a 30-day free trial to new users and then requires a subscription to watch. It offers great value for money, with thousands of movies and shows to watch. New ones are added all the time but content will vary between regions.

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  • Hulu

hulu tv app

Our last option is Hulu, a well-known streaming app that is free to use. Choose from thousands of movies, TV shows, TV series and more. It offers one-click play, works on multiple platforms and supports Google Chromecast although it is a web-based streamer.

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Your turn

We’ve brought you just five of the alternatives you can choose from, there are many more. Most are legal, with the only exception being Kodi, in a bit of a gray area. All of them provide a huge choice of viewing so decide which one you want to use and enjoy what’s on offer.

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  1. Hi, When I download Media box, it just work for few days and after that, it stops working.
    When I delete it to download it, it says it can not instal it!!! however Emus4u app is verified. How can I fix it??

  2. So what happens is that I download mediabox and it’ll load and and when it’s getting ready to install the app just closes up.Can you help me download mediabox?

  3. MediaBoxHD isn’t working July 15 2019
    I was using it earlier then I closed the app, later when I returned it said app not trusted. Please explain.

  4. Okay so when I download Media Box from the Emus4u app, it’s downloads. However when it’s done downloading it shows that the app isn’t fully downloaded like it says [email protected] When I try to click on it nothing happens. Can someone help me with this please?

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