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Do you love the Super Mario Games? Super Mario Run is a mobile Mario game that you can play with just one-hand! It’s super-fun to play, incredibly addictive and, even better.
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It’s free

Let’s dive in

What is Super Mario Run?

It’s a new kind of game, a Mario game that you get to control single-handed. Simply tap continuously on the screen to control Mario as he runs. Time your taps right and you can pull off some cool jumps, spins and jump up walls to collect the coins and get to the flagpole.


It is a free app, and there are four game modes – World Tour, Toad Rally, Kingdom Builder, and Remix 10. Try them all for free, but if you want the extra features and more levels, you will need to purchase all 6 worlds at the cost of $9.99.


Game Features:

Super Mario Run offers tons of features for free:

  • Play World Tour and rescue Princess Peach from Bowser
  • Travel caverns, plains, airships, ghost houses, castles and much more across 24 different courses – 1-1 to 1-4 are free
  • Once Princess Peach is rescued, play a special world with nine courses – World Star
  • Play Remix 10 – 10 short but very different courses to finding Daisy
  • Play Toad Rally, a challenge mode game where you compete against others
  • Play Kingdom Builder – collect Toads and Coins to create a unique kingdom from more than 100 different types of item.

If you opt to purchase all the worlds, you get even more features:

  • All the World Tour courses
  • Get the Rally tickets you need for Toad Rally and Remi 10 much easier – in Bonus Game houses and? Blocks in Kingdom builder, in the colored coins and more
  • More playable characters with different characteristics
  • Seven-course types in Toad Rally
  • Kingdom Builder gets more decorations and buildings
  • Remix 10 available without having to wait between games

Wait, there’s more

How to Download Super Mario Run:

It couldn’t be easier – go to the iOS app store or tap the link to open the app page and tap Download:

Download Super Mario Run

And we’re done

If you love Mario games and you want more fun than you ever had with a mobile app before, download Super Mario Run and play one of the most addictive games ever. Tell us how you get on with it and follow us on Facebook for more recommendations and tips.

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