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The popular Emus4U app installer has received an update to make it compatible with iOS 13 firmware released by Apple. emus4u app

Now you can have the best of both worlds – all the latest iOS enhancements and features on offer from Apple and all your 3rd-party apps and games and tweaks too.

Even better, It’s still free.

And you still don’t need to jailbreak

How to Download Emus4U on iOS 13:

This is so easy to do and take less than a minute:

Configuration Profile

  1. Opening this post in your Safari browser, tap on the profile download button above
  2. When the app info page has loaded, tap the link that says Allow ( this is the only way to get the profile to download ) emus4u profile downloaded
  3. Close the above prompt and go to Settings app > General and Profiles settings general ios 13 profile
  4. Select Emus4U profile and tap on Install and input your iOS passcode emus4u iOS 13 profile install
  5. Tap Install on the popup message and then tap on Done
  6. Wait – when the app icon is on your home screen the app is installed emus4u app ios 13 iPhone 11 pro

If you don’t see the icon or it’s there, but its greyed out and unusable, the app has failed to install. Either repeat these steps or look at our list of Emus4U alternatives.

That’s how simple it is

Fix Installation Errors:

We don’t often get problems with Emus4U, but there are a couple of installation errors that might rear their heads. All of them are simple to fix, and all the details are at the link below:

Moving on

Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

Perhaps the most annoying of errors is this one, and it’s just one way that Apple tries to stop you using unofficial apps. It’s not a problem because, with just a couple of steps, you can trust the developer:

  1. Go into your iOS settings app and tap General
  2. Go to the Profiles section, and you will see a list of app profiles
  3. Find the app developer name and tap it
  4. Trust it, close Settings and Emus4U will work for you

Wait, there’s more

How to Stop Apps Crashing:

Because Emus4U is unofficial, so is every app, game, or tweak that you download from it. Don’t be surprised when they all crash and stop working – Apple revokes the certificates quite regularly. But, rather than having to keep going through a cycle of reinstalling everything, simply install a recommended VPN – this will protect the certificates for all unofficial content and stops Apple revoking them

Still got problems?

Check out our feature on fixing Emus4u Installation errors:

We’re still not done

How to Delete Emus4U:

If you need to delete Emus4U, it’s straightforward to do and won’t interfere with anything else on your device. Check out the details below:

Some Important Links:

And we’re done

Now it’s down to you

Download Emus4U today and take advantage of all the cool features you get without having to install Cydia. It’s free, and it supports iOS 13, so you have nothing to lose.

Check it out, follow us on Facebook, and we’ll send you more cool tips and recommendations.

Additional Information:

App Name:
Emus4u Inc.

*Found a Broken Link? Report Us below.


  1. I’ve been trying to Install Delta for quite a while now, I am using iOS 13.2.3, and I can download Emus4u (or any alt.) just fine but not the actual emulator. It just says:
    “Unable to Install “[email protected]” please try again later.

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