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GBA4iOS is a very popular emulator app that gives you the ability to play console games on your device. With over many different consoles supported, including the Nintendo, GameBoy Advance and others.gba4ios

How to Download GBA4iOS:

To download GBA4iOS, you need to download another third-party installer called Emus4U app. As well as GBA4iOS, EMUS4U contains loads of other emulators too. Tap the Download button below for direct download.

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

Method 1: Emus4U App

  1. Download Emus4U following the steps at the link emus4u iOS 12
  2. Open Emus4U, find and download GBA4iOS from the Emulators category gba4ios emus4u app
  3. Start using the app and enjoy console games on your iPhone or iPad. gba4ios emulator
  4. You can now start downloading your favorite GBA and GBC skins on your iPhone for further customizations. Game ROM download instructions given below.gba4ios_skins

Method 2: TweakBox App

If Emus4U app doesn’t work for you or you find it hard to use, there is another alternative. GBA4iOS is also available for download through an installer called TweakBox App.

Instead of Emus4U, directly download TweakBox from the link here and, search for and download GBA4iOS.

gba4ios tweakbox app

Method 3: GBA4iOS IPA File

IPA File Link

This method requires the GBA4iOS .ipa file to be installed to your device and this is done with Cydia Impactor; for this, you need your valid Apple ID.

  1. Make sure that you are running the latest version of iTunes on your iPad
  2. Connect your iPad to your Mac or Windows PC and, if iTunes opens, close it down
  3. Download the Gba4iOS .ipa file on your computer
  4. Download Cydia Impactor on your computer
  5. Open Cydia Impactor and make sure it detects your device
  6. Find and move the .ipa file into Cydia Impactor ( drag and drop it )
  7. Sign in using your valid Apple ID and password and Cydia Impactor will sign the file. Be patient; this may take a few minutes
  8. When you see the Emulator icon on your iPad home screen, open your Settings app
  9. Open General > Profile & Device Management and find the GBA4iOS Emulator profile
  10. Tap on it and tap on Trust
  11. Close Settings; GBA4iOS Emulator can be used now.gba4ios_iphone

How to Install Game ROM’s on GBA4iOS:

There are two ways that you can install GBA4iOS games onto your iPhone or iPad – the built-in browser or externally.

GBA4iOS is capable of loading Gameboy, Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Color games so, if you have successfully installed the emulator on your iOS device, follow these steps to get the games and start playing:

Method 1: Built-in Browser

  1. Open the emulator on your device
  2. Tap on Search on the top-right corner gba4ios game search
  3. Choose your game from the list of popular games
  4. Choose which version you want and tap it
  5. Tap Download and then tap on Save
  6. When the installation has finished, tap the game to start playing

Method 2: External ROMs

  1. Using a trusted source, download your game ROM – it will be a .GBA zip file
  2. Tap the ROM to open it and tap More
  3. From the listed options, tap on Copy to GBA4iOS or Open in GBA4iOS gba4ios_roms app
  4. Open the emulator; if you see your ROM listed, it has been successfully loaded
  5. Tap it, adjust the settings for the controller, set up Dropbox for auto-save and the game will begin

Emulator App Features:

  • Downloads very quickly and easily gba4ios skins pokemon
  • Easy app to navigate and use gba4ios_app features
  • Jailbreak isn’t needed for this emulator to work
  • Supports older iOS versions 
  • Consoles and hosts supported include Nintendo, GBA and more
  • All types of game are included, something to suit all types of player 
  • Multiplayer online gaming supported
  • Take advantage of fast and safe downloads with cloud server hosting and easy syncing with cloud data storage
  • No need for separate emulators – one-click-play covers all consoles
  • Create your own game controls and customized game maps
  • Loads of other features

Fix GBA4iOS App Untrusted Developer Error:

Unofficial content is not something Apple likes and they will throw up an Untrusted Developer error when you try to use the GBa4iOS app for the first time. You can solve this in a couple of seconds with these simple steps:

  1. From your iPhone or iPad home screen, go to Settings
  2. Tap General and go to Profiles
  3. Find and tap the app profile in the list
  4. Tap the Trust button gba4ios untrusted developer app
  5. When you come out of Settings and try the emulator again, it will work

Does Installing GBA4iOS Void Warranty?

gba4ios warranty

Not at all. This GBA Emulator app has been developed in a way that makes it legitimate to use because it doesn’t hack into the iOS and doesn’t contravene any security protocols in place on the iOS firmware. If you do need to return your device to an Apple Store for any reason and you are not quite sure, you can easily delete the app and install it again ( from the steps above ) at a later date.

Important Links:

Do try GBA4iOS; tell us how you get on with it and tell us what games you are playing through it. For more updates and tips like this, you can follow us on Facebook.

Other Languages:

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Additional Information:

App Name:
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  1. Hello, just got the app but for some reason no games are beeing shown, it just says “no games” and something about me Dropbox sync. What am I doing wrong?

    1. hi, you need to download the ROMS from online sources. There is no legal way for us to share ROM’s. Maybe some ROM sites for GBA Games could help, but that’s totally upto you as its a grey area.

  2. I downloaded it, but when I try to open it, it says that the developer isn’t trusted on this iPhone. What should I do to fix this?

  3. I keep getting this error when trying to install with impactor.

    file: installation.cpp; line: 42; what:

    Failed to verify code signature of /private/var/installd/Library/Caches/ : 0xe8008016 (The executable was signed with invalid entitlements.)

  4. I downloaded it on friday but didnt have dropbox sync on. I put it 10 hours on the weekend and today i cant get on the app, i come back here to find out theres an updated version but I cant get back on the app, so is everything I had lost? Or is there a way to retrieve that file?

  5. Cant open the app…. a pop up box saying that the developer isnt trusted by apple… what should i do

  6. Hi, Does this versions license get revoked after 5-6 days like all the others? I have been looking for one which can stick out for longer. Also dropbox sync doesnt work. Thanks.

    1. hi, this one will work for a long time. The EMus4u Certificate was renewed today and it will last till Apple revokes it again. The developer will restore it back within few hours, so you are safe.

  7. GBA4IOS isn’t working for ios13. Only for a few days and then it says it can’t be opened. Needs a internet connection to do a check up, but also when I have an internet connection, it won’t work… anyway to fix this?

    1. e are working with the developer of GBA4iOS to get the iOS 13 version working. You can also try out Delta Emulator which is a new version of GBA4iOS app, with new devices support.

  8. None of the apps that I’m trying to download are working (the emulators). Is there a problem with all of the licenses being revoked or could it be an iOS update issue? I have an older iPhone 6s and my software is 12.3.1

  9. When I download gba4ios thru emu, it says that the app cannot be installed at this time. Anyway to fix it?

  10. I was using GBA4ios for a few months now, and after downloading it for the 4th time (revoked licenses) it won’t load the load states from Dropbox. Does this have something to do with version 2.1.5?

  11. I installed it last Saturday and after three days of working it is revoked… i can’t verify it anymore so it is not opening..
    Will it be fixed soon ?

  12. Dropbox sync is not working for me. I had GBA4IOS 2.1. I have the saved file in my dropbox but it doesn’t appear to sync

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