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Below are the most commonly asked questions about Emus4U App Installer.emus4u faq

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What is Emus4U?

emus4u iOS 12

Emus4U is an unofficial app store, an external installer that offers access to thousands of games and apps. Some of them are tweaks that offer better functionality to your device OS, while others have been given additional features. You don’t need to install Cydia first so Emus4U will work on any iOS device and it is free to use.

How Do I Fix the Untrusted Developer Error?

untrusted enterprise developer image

The error on iPhone saying ” Untrusted Enterprise Developer ” appears when you try to run Emus4U after installation and is very easy to solve – all you need to do is tell Apple that this developer is trusted. Here’s how:

  1. From your device home screen open Settings > General > Profile & Device Management
  2. A list of profiles for all the apps on your device will appear – find Emus4U and tap it
  3. Tap on the button that says Trust and then close your Settings app down
  4. Try Emus4U again, and it will run as it should.

How Do I Trust an Enterprise App on My Device?

  1. Open Settings > General and go to Profiles
  2. Find the Enterprise App section and tap on the distributor name
  3. Tap on Trust and then confirm by tapping Trust
  4. Exit Settings

How Do I Trust Enterprise Apps on My iPad?

  1. Open your iPad settings and go to General
  2. Tap on Profiles & Device Management and find the distributor name in the Enterprise Apps list
  3. Tap on Trust, confirm and close Settings

Can Emus4U be Downloaded on Android?

emus4u android

As a rule, to download third-party content, Android devices need to be rooted first, much like an iOS device needs to be jailbroken. However, with Emus4U, the developers have provided an APK file, and you can download the app onto your device using that file.

Will Installing Emus4U Void My Warranty?

emus4u quality check and reliability

No. Emus4U runs as any standard app runs on your device runs and does not break any of Apple’s rules regarding security. It also doesn’t need root access on your device. However, it may be a different matter where some of the tweaks in Emus4U are concerned. If you install a Cydia tweak, that may invalidate your warranty so, should you need to go to an Apple store with your device, delete the tweak before you go.

Can I Download an Emulator on My iPhone?

eclipse emu logo

Technically, emulators are not designed for devices such as the iPhone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Until now, Cydia was a requirement if you wanted to install an emulator on your device, but now we don’t need to. Emus4U offers several emulators that work perfectly well on the iPhone without a jailbreak needed.

Are Games Emulators Safe To Use?

As with any third-party app, you should run a virus-scan over the emulator after you download it and only download your emulators from official sources. There is just one catch with emulators; while they are legal to use, the ROMs are not.

What Do Emulators Do?

An emulator is a piece of software or hardware that allows a system to act as another system – the host and the guest. Emulators allow the host to use devices or run software that has been specifically designed for use on the guest. In the case of Emus4U, the emulators allow you to play games from specific games consoles on your iOS device.

Unable to Download or Verify Emus4U:

This happens when the app certificate has been revoked. Emus4U uses expired certificates and, although they try to keep on top of the revocations, sometimes one gets missed. Please delete Emus4U and wait for a new certificate to be provided. You can find out when this happens by liking us on Facebook and clicking on Following > See First.

This error may also appear when you are attempting to install an unofficial app without deleting the stock version of the app from your device. Delete the original app and then try installing the 3rd-party app again.

Cannot Connect to Emus4U Site:

This error appears when the app has crashed, usually due to certificate revocation. Wait for a couple of hours and then try again – the certificate will likely have been updated, and the app will work.

Can I Request A Specific App to Be Added:

You can put a request for a specific app or game on the developer’s Twitter feed, but there is no guarantee that they will be able to meet your request.

My Apps Have Crashed. What Do I Do?

The easiest way around this is to simply delete the app and then install it again.

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56 thoughts on “FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Hello. The Delta emulator has been working great on my iPhone. Suddenly when coming back to my game the app is sudden not verified anymore. My attempts to reverify it doesn’t not work. Is there no solution for this but a delete and download again? Like any gamer I don’t want to loose my game progress. Thank you!

  2. I want to download your app on my iPhone 6 but I don’t know which configuration link 1 or 2 to use. Could you please tell me which one I should use?

  3. Hi, I want to download your app on my iPhone 6 but I don’t know which Config Profile 1 or 2 to use. Could you please tell me which one I should be using to download the app on my Apple IPhone 6? Thank you for your help.

  4. When I try to download any app it won’t work, it’ll pop up for a split second then just disappear how do I fix this?

  5. I can download apps such as popcorn time. But when they finish downloading, the have a grey colour to the icon and it will not let me click on them. I have deleted the safari website data and it still has not worked.

  6. After downloading emus4u and installing it the app opens up but is just a white page this is on an iPhone 8 I have tried deleting and removing but after reinstalling it is still the same how can this be fixed

  7. Ay, so I was just playing around with some emulators this amazing app provided, when suddenly all the apps just refused to install and became greyed out icons on my home screen, I tried everything, replacing the profile, deleting the files and restarting, I even tried to install another app that wasn’t one of the emulators..any idea how to fix this?

  8. Spotify++ is not opening. The app is downloaded and “trusted” on my device, but it’s crashing every time I try to click on it. Is there any way to fix this?

  9. When I downloaded apps they would download but afterwards I couldn’t open them as when I tapped on them nothing would happen and the brightness of the app on my home screen is a lot dimmer than the other apps from the App Store

  10. I’m getting the same thing as everyone else. The GBA app i’m trying to download will start loading then it stops and leaves a grey icon in its place. This is very annoying and i just wanna know how to fix it so i could play with some damn pokemon already!

  11. Hi! I downloaded emus4u but every time I download an app it completely downloads but doesnt open the app turns grey i have an iphone

  12. Upon going through the start up phase of the app I am instructed to install vizer and activate unknown sources. Both of which I have done, however still can not get through to the home screen to access aps. {android 8.1.0}

  13. Hello,

    Thanks much for your project. My app was rejected and I wonder if I can distribute that in another way.

    If I send my ipa + description + images and your team approves the app, will I be able to get ipa file too?
    how long time the app is life / avail before I have to re-sign the app again?
    if it’s possible the certificate which the app is signed(your enterprise sertificate) will be banned by apple in any time, for example, in 1 month? If so, in this case the app was already installed or which will be at our website(ipa, ready for install) become dead?

    Thanks much.

  14. Hi,

    Trying to use Popcorn Time but it was kicked out on my iPhone and for some reason it is faded out when I download it again. Is there a problem and if so do you have an alternative to the solution/

    Thanks much!

  15. hi so i have an iphone 7 and its on verison 12.3.1 and im trying to get it verified but it doesnt let me. it tells me the website is expired and because of that its not letting me install/verified it.

  16. Hello! I recently downloaded your Emus4u app, been enjoying it, but have was wondering about something specific. Does Emus4u have an app that allows the use of external controllers on iOS devices?

  17. I’ve been trying to download apps for a day or so. They are all greyed out. I followed the instructions on how to fix it by clearing the website data, even restarted and force restarted my iPhone several times and still no fix. Can you please help, I have and iPhone 8 running in 12.3.

  18. I was able to download Emus4u but when I tried to download a app the box is dark on my phone and it doesn’t load the app

  19. I keep on downloading emus4u but every time I do and open the app, the screen is completely white and I don’t know what to do. everything was working perfectly fine until a couple weeks ago. just trying to listen to music

  20. Hi, I just installed Emus4u and all is ok but when I try to install anyone of the applications that I find in Emus4u the upload start and at the end the appli (ex : GBA4ios) is grey, impossible to use it and doesn’t work at all, do you have a solution ?

  21. Hi,

    I’m wondering if you guys have an update for emus4u. The only one I can get is media box HD at the moment. None of the others are working. I have the beta version of iOS 13.2.

  22. Is Spotify++ down?
    Can’t find it in the apps list.
    I’ve tried to uninstall it but still can’t see it.
    I’m using an ios13.1.3

  23. I’m trying to download an emulator on my iPhone 8 but am having issues.
    All the threads I’m reading refers to a part in settings that says “profiles and device Management” but I do not have this option on my settings bar??
    And every time I try to download an emulator it says unable to download

  24. I’m having an issue downloading GBA4iOS from Emus4u. The app is downloaded onto my home screen, but underneath the app it says ‘Waiting…’ and when I tap it, it says ‘Unable to install “GBA4iOS @Emus4u” Please try again later.’ Do you know why this could be happening?

  25. whenever I download an emulator from Emus4U, a gray box appears on my screen but it doesn’t download at all…
    Emus4U is trusted on my phone and I have enough phone storage. if I download an app from the app store, it downloads just fine. do you know how I can get the emulator to download?

  26. also, if I try downloading an emulator from tweakbox or appvalley, it just shows a gray box and nothing happens…I’ve went to several websites and tried to download the emulator from there and that didn’t work either

  27. Hi
    I just download emus4u on iPhone Xs after autorise profile…

    Then, I try to download happy chick.
    The icon appear in light grey, with « waiting… » wrote under instead of « happy chick »

    What must I do ?

  28. Bonjour, j’essai depuis 2 jours d’installer tout ce petit monde, mais je ne m’en sort pas. Avec emus4u j’ai une erreur 521….. et pour delta, tout se passe bien pour le téléchargement, mais une fois terminée il me dit qu’il n’ a pas finit ……. je suis sur un iPad Air dernière génération en iOS 13.4 ….. avez vous une idée ? Merci à vous


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