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EMUS4U is an unofficial installer that offers third-party apps and games, and a huge choice of other content. emus4u app

Everything is “FREE,” and there is no need to jailbreak.

Emus4U Download Guide:

Follow the tutorials below for easy download. Leave comments if you face any trouble.

Method 1: for iOS Devices

Configuration Profile

  1. Tap any of the configuration profile download buttons above and then tap on Allow optionprofile settings open
  2. Before you can go any further, the profile needs permission to download so give it by tapping Install on the page that opens  emus4u app profile install
  3. You will now see your Settings app open automatically; tap Install Profile and type in your passcode; Safari browser opens again
  4. Tap on Install and then confirm your intentions by tapping Install on the message
  5. Wait for Settings to open again and then tap Install > Next > Done on each successive page
  6. Wait; when the installation is done, the app icon is on your home screen. 
  7. Enjoy your free apps now.  emus4u apps page
  8. If you cannot install Emus4u and it shows a grey icon or white screen, then you can try an alternative app like Emus4u which contains the same apps and games, and even more.
  9. You can see the above steps in the linked video on ( YouTube )

Method 2: for Android

New Emus4U download has been given full APK support, so the app installation files work on Android tablets and smartphones.

emus4u android

Android users are now being given the opportunity to experience 3rd-party apps and games “WITHOUT ROOTING” their devices.

Android APK

Method 3: Windows PC & Mac

For users of Microsoft Windows PC and Apple Mac OSX computers, follow the Emus4U download and installation tutorial linked here.

Windows & Mac

10 Reasons to Download Emus4U:

This 3rd party app store has loads of useful features and ten reasons for you to consider downloading it:

  1. It is easy to download and use
  2. Setup is simple and straight forward
  3. It supports all iOS devices ( starting iOS 6 – iOS 13 )
  4. The user-friendly interface ensures you can find your way around easily
  5. Regular updates to include new content as per user requests
  6. Constant monitoring ensures the installer works reliably and safely
  7. Categorized content, making it easy for you to find what you are looking for
  8. Cydia is not required
  9. Access to several games emulators, unofficial apps, and other free content
  10. Built-in screen recorder

How-to Fix Untrusted Developer:

untrusted enterprise developer image

When you open this app installer for the first time, you are likely to encounter an Untrusted Developer error. This is nothing serious; Apple does not trust unofficial developers. Here is how to fix this quickly.

  1. Open Settings > General and go to the Profiles section ios 13 profile
  2. In the list of profiles, find and tap on the app name
  3. Tap Trust, close Settings and try the app – the error should not appear again

Stop Emus4U Apps Crashing:

Emus4U app installer has proven itself to be a reliable and safe alternative to Cydia, but there is no getting away from the fact that it is not official. Apple doesn’t like unofficial apps, and they will do all they can to stop you using them, including revoking the app certificate. The app installer will crash, and nothing will work. To save yourself the hassle of having to reinstall everything, Install a VPN when you install the installer and your certificate will be protected from Apple.

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Top 3 Must-Download Apps on Emus4U:

You will find a great deal of extra content in this app store, including a series of 3rd-party apps, like

Some Important Links:

This 3rd party app store offers a lot of content to choose from, providing a decent alternative to jailbreaking your device. Do let us know how you get along with this app installer and what you think of it in the comments section below.

Other Languages:

Français | Español | Deutsche

Additional Information:

App Name:
Emus4u Inc.

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238 thoughts on “Download Emus4U”

  1. Thank you emus4u Team for this awesome app. I am loving it since day of its release. Its by far the best App installer ever released. Cheers !!!

  2. Hi there! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers? I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on. Any suggestions?

    • Yes, you can download our list of recommended VPN services that work very well with Emus4U app. Not only does it protect your account from hackers, it also prevents revoke of apps. It stops your app activity from passing on to Apple and then getting Emus4U app getting revoked, and all apps downloaded from Emus4U stops working. These VPN services are a great way for 3rd-party app users like Emus4U and TweakBox users from using the downloaded apps for a longer period than other regular users.

  3. Am trying to download moviebox and bobbymovie. All I get is the app with “ waiting ..” at the bottom. I delete and re-download them but I get the same thing.

  4. Hey guys loving this app so far. But there is a problem when I go to redownload moviebox due to it giving me an issue whenever I open it. I tried to use a different movie/tv show app like bobby movie but it doesn’t download. It just says “waiting” until I press on it then it says “loading…” Any suggestions?

  5. Hi I have a issue with the app, I try to download Spotify and movie box but it tus stay on “downloading” but profusely it works.
    What can I do please replay
    And good job with the apps 👌🏻

  6. I’m trying to get Delta or Gba4ios to download but the greyed-out icon and ‘waiting’ is all that shows up and it doesn’t seem to be downloading anything. Is there an issue or do I need to wait a bit for something to happen?

    • Its working now. please try again. we have restored it back a couple of minutes ago. Thanks. Dont forget to try the alternative sources aswell. cheers !!

  7. Emus4U app only shows blank. It will not show any apps. Just a white blank screen when opened. And I’ve redownloaded it many times.

  8. When I try to download apps off of the emus4u app it’s doesnt let me open the app I download doesn’t even shower the picture of the app it’s just blank

  9. Hi , where’s the download icon , the config 1 & 2 doesn’t work either . Takes me to a blank white screen . Any help please ? Working perfectly before midnight also .

  10. I don’t know what do, I have download install butwhen the app finish downloading the apps icon stay in the blueprint type and it doesn’t show the design of the app any idea why it downloads it but it doesn’t let me Install completely

  11. Hi . Still can’t get this to work . Config profile 1 & 2 still loads blank white screen . Can’t download it to iPhone 7 after latest update

  12. iPad has done an update and now emu, movie box etc will not open and untrusted, tried to verify will not let me, deleted apps and tried to reinstall emu now can’t do that either. I have lost my sole entertainment source, please help

  13. I had the app installed before and it was working fine, however it’s crached recently. So I deleted it and reinstalled again. When I open it’s blank !!! No contents !!!

  14. Trying to download apps for almost a week now since it had that crash on the app. But only now it keeps saying “ Unable to download “ and when I press retry it says it again after a few minutes. have tried different apps other than what I normally download. Still says it. Any recommendations ?

  15. I downloaded the emus4u and it worked but i go to try and download spotify and it goes through the process of downloading but never finishes installing and shuts down

  16. Hi I see you have a revoke going on, I’ve deleted all history etc in safari and any previous apps. When I try to reinstall emus app works but any app I try to install from it doesn’t work or show any tile, just grey area on iPad

  17. On the spotify app, it won’t ever let me download songs and it’s not the full premium experience, please help me figure out this problem

  18. Have you guys fixed it yet because I’m in need of listening to music again. Please hurry, I know you guys are working hard and doing awesome on the job but I’m going on a field trip and I need music.

  19. Really love this app but for some reason I haven’t been able to get into it anymore because every time I open the app it’s just a white black screen no apps no nothing, I tried reinstalling the app but it’s was still no good. Please help

    • you mean emus4u app is not downloading ? in that case wait a while and try again after 24 hrs. it’s probably down due to a revoke.

  20. I have tried everything to install Pokemon go ++. iPad with iOS 9.3.5. It was factory reset I receive the error unable to downloaded it’s like it’s not compatible idk.

  21. Is there a revoke going on? Coto or any other apps aren’t downloading completely, just 75% and then just stays as a grey tile.
    Love the app! Ya guys are amazing!

  22. I have used emus4u for a long time. For the past 2 days all apps are greyed out – unable to open after download. I have cleared my history and web data and reinstalled numerous times. Please advise.

  23. I downloaded POPCORNTIME and the app is gray, tried to restart and open it but it said “can’t install” and stayed gray.
    iPad 9.7″ 6th gen iOS 12.2

  24. None of the movie apps I tried to download will open. They are all greyed out icons on my home screen. I have an iphone on software version 12.2

    • Same issue over here, it just comes up with [APPNAME]@Emus4u and greys out the icon, it even SAYS it is installing but then it pulls the rug and just breaks AT THE END OF THE DOWNLOAD, I have had small issues with this program, but THIS? This is starting to go a little too far…please, if your team is reading this, find out what’s causing this, and put an end to it. It’ll kill the app otherwise.

  25. Apps won’t finish download and they haven’t had time to be revoked because I haven’t opened them yet is the main app currently revoked?

  26. I know it’s not your fault that Spotify++ is getting revoked and that you guys are working really hard to fix it but do you have any idea when it will be ready because I literally can’t live without it

    • Us and TweakBox app are the two reliable sources to get a working version of the app. Keep an eye on these two apps to get it. No ETA, sorry. The certificates get revoking time and again.

  27. I downloaded it about five times the first time it worked then stopped working and the four times it did it work I’m downloading now it just came up with a blank app and said can’t download now try again later so I did and it didn’t work again

  28. Wow I’m sorry I did not mean to post the same thing three times my phone messed up and I can’t undo it but hopefully you get the message lol

  29. I’ve been trying to download Spotify through tweakbox, AppValley, etc. this was my last resort it’s still not downloading and I just want to listen to my playlists with no Ads lol. Please help!

  30. How do I download the Pokemon ROMs on gba4ios? It redirects me to a github link that’s unavailable. I did have one ROM downloaded one time but it crashed out, and had to delete to redownload it. Thank you

  31. When I click configure profile it doesn’t give me a pop up it gives me a download file at the bottom of my screen. What does one do to resolve this?

    • hi, you need to download the configuration profile using Safari browser only. no other browser supports iOS configuration profile

    • Hi, please go ahead and install the un-verified profile. It will still work and download apps from Emus4u Store.

  32. I am having same problem. I downloaded the unverified profile and can see the list of apps in emus4u, but none of the apps work!!

  33. Hmm, are you sure everything is working as indended atm? This is the second time I‘m getting this after deinstalling it. Now after installing the profile and it putting me back to safari, no download button or anything really shows up. I appreciate all the work you have done so far!

  34. Please feel free to delete my stupid comment from just now. It seems it actually installs the app automatically after getting the profile. But now I have a new problem: You can download apps, they also install, but after that is done they are still grayed out with that weird symbol as the apps pic. These don‘t open, nor do they show an error message. I‘ve tried with multiple apps. Again, very grateful for all your great deeds.

  35. I tried to download Whatsapp and other apps but it has just been on waiting for two days so far . How to solve my problem please

  36. Hello,

    I’ve noticed that the certificate has been revoked for the iOS download for a couple days now. Any idea when the app will be functioning again?

  37. i have already downloaded the app but when i click the icon, its not opening/ not working. how can use the please? advise.

  38. Hi mine won’t let me open the apps it says
    “ untrusted enterprise developer iPhone distribution art metal 000. Has not been trusted on this iPhone. Until this developer has been trusted, their enterprise apps will not be available for use.”

  39. Hi! I have just downloaded the app but when I try opening WhatsApp + it keeps on telling me to adjust my date and try again. Though my date is not wrong, I still adjusted but it won’t just open.

  40. Hi popcorntime and other streaming apps install partially then get greyed out and won’t open. What is the solution for this?

  41. This worked on my phone for an hour and that’s it! I’ve tried to Uninstall and reinstall the apps but it still didn’t work it won’t even complete the download and if it does it’s a little white box with lines that show and I can’t get in it

  42. For some reason whenever I try to download Spotify++ it gets to 100% then stops and doesnt work. I’ve tried re downloading it and deleting the normal Spotify but nothing seems to work

  43. Hey guys , I appreciate all the hard work on this app but it’s currently saying cannot connect to the link , and that it can’t be downloaded at this time. It’s doing that for all the apps on the server

  44. Hello, when will the INDS app be set with a new developer ID? It was revoked for me a week ago and I still cannot use the app. I have deleted and redownloaded after clearing browser data already. Love the app by the way:)


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