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We’ve got some good news to start your day with – a new iOS 12 jailbreak! From the Electra team comes Chimera, the first jailbreak in a long time to have support for the latest iPhones and iPads with the A12 chip. Want to know how to get it? chimera

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How to Install Chimera Jailbreak:

Chimera jailbreak is easy enough to install, but you no longer need to install it the way you used to, directly to your device. Instead, there is a safer way and one that also offers you a ton of other 3rd-party content and tweaks for free. Its an app installer called Emus4U, and it is extremely simple to install.

Before you start:

Make sure that there are No OTA Files on your iPhone or iPad – if there are you could potentially find yourself in a boot loop so go and delete them now, before going any further. Putting your device in Airplane Mode before pressing the jailbreak button also helps.


Then let’s begin

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  1. Using the Safari browser on your device, open the Emus4U page and download it emus4u app
  2. Tap the app icon to open it and type Chimera into the search box
  3. Tap on the name and then tap Get 
  4. When it’s done, go to your device homepage and tap the Chimera icon to start the jailbreak chimera iphone x
  5. Tap on Jailbreak option and wait; first, it will detect your iPhone or iPad chimera app emus4u
  6. When it has, the jailbreak will be installed. chimera jailbreak app iphone
  7. Leave it to install, and you will see the Sileo icon as well. sileo chimera iphone x

See how easy it is?

We’re not done yet

Jailbreak Features:

Like all jailbreak utilities, Chimera has plenty of features:

  • Supports the latest iOS devices
  • Much safer and faster thanks to the inclusion of CoreTrust bypass
  • Uses Sileo for package management rather than Cydia
  • Also includes a jailbreak for Apple TV – tvOS 12 to tvOS 12.1.2
  • Stable jailbreak
  • Easy to download and use
  • Download all your favorites – mods, tweaks, packages, and much more

A warning

Chimera is semi-untethered – when your iPhone or iPad reboots, you must repeat the steps from 4 onwards to re-jailbreak it

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  1. hello, i really wanna download chimera again i am willing to even pay money can you fix the issue of the app turning grey and not working

    • Sorry about the issue. Emus4U app team is working on fixing the issue with the certificates, and, once done, you can re-download the app, trust the certificate, and you are free to use it again.


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