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When it comes to social media apps, WhatsApp is definitely up there with the best of them but it is by no means a perfect app. The developers appear to have forgotten several key features, including customization options but WhatsApp++ provides those for us, all for FREE. whatsapp plus small

Now I’m going to tell you how to get all these features for FREE. Yes, you dd read that right; all for free.

WhatsApp++ Features :

  • Don’t show Online status or Last Seen status
  • Disable all your Read receipts
  • Use Touch ID and Passcode as app access methods
  • DRM-free music can be forwarded to friends
  • Forward unlimited media at once
  • Keep your profile image uncropped
  • Record audio with one tap
  • In-app customizations
  • Delivery receipts may be disabled

Before we move on, one more thing – you don’t even need to jailbreak!

How to Install WhatsApp++ :

*Download button here directly installs WhatsApp++ without installer.

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

Download Link 3

Download Link 4

Now to let you into my secret; EMUS4U is the best place to install WhatsApp++ from; if you don’t have it on your device, follow the guide at the link below. Open EMUS4U and run a search for WhatsApp++; you can install it from there:

It’s that easy! just a minute of your time to get all these great features for free.

Easiest Way To Fix Untrusted Developer Error :

EMUS4U is generally error-free but first-time users are experiencing an issue after installation. That issue is an Untrusted developer error when they try to use WhatsApp++ but there is a very simple way to solve this:

  1. Going into your iOS settings app, open General
  2. Now go to Profiles and Device Management and find the WhatsApp++ profile
  3. Tap the profile and then tap Trust
  4. Close Settings and try WhatsApp++ again; it will work properly without the error appearing

EMUS4U is an excellent installer that provides users with access to a ton of free stuff, apps, game, tweaks and more. WhatsApp++ is a very popular choice so give it a go and tell us how you get on with it. You can get more app suggestions and tips like this one by following us on Facebook.

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