Best VPN for Emus4U App ( 2020 )

When you use a third-party app installer, like Emus4U, most of the time your mobile provider will pick up on it and block you from using it, even though the installer is perfectly safe and does not harm your device in any way. The answer is to use a VPN service, not just for hiding where you download apps from but to keep you and your data safe when you browse

As you probably know, there are tons of VPNs to choose from, some requiring payment and some for free. We’ve done your homework for you so read on to see which VPNs we recommend for use with Emus4U app installer.

Emus4U VPN Guide 2020:

Many of the VPN services out there are not suitable for those of you who want to use this 3rd party app installer because they do not offer the right protection. This app installer is one of the better Cydia alternatives, offering tweaks and loads of 3rd-party apps and that demands a high level of security.

Our VPN Testing Benchmark:

emus4u vpn benchmark graph

We looked at free and paid services and have brought our choice down to two, both paid services merely because they provide much better protection than the free ones. To make our decision, we tested them thoroughly and used several factors to work out which ones were useful, including bandwidth, IP addresses, server numbers and locations and much more.

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Top Recommended VPNs for Emus4U:

After numerous tests, we have singled out two paid services that offer the very best protection for users of our app:

nord vpnNordVPN – 5/5

  • IP addresses: 2,000
  • Total Servers: 3500+ servers
  • Server locations: 61
  • 60+ countries

NordVPN is undoubtedly one of the best VPN services we tested from Emus4U users. It offers a truly global solution, covering more than 60 countries with over 2,000 IP addresses. With the option of a dedicated IP, NordVPN also offers a simultaneous connection to 6 networks; many are 5 or lower. There are three options for payment plans and 30-day money-back refund policy in place:

pure vpnPureVPN – 4.5 / 5

  • IP addresses: 95,000
  • Total Servers: 500
  • Server locations: 180

For Emus4U, you won’t get much better than PureVPN. With more than 95,000 IP addresses, PureVPN uses 50 servers in over 180 locations and are incredibly fast. Chromebook and Kodi users will find solutions from the PureVPN webpage making life incredibly easy for them and all European users will find that they have fully implemented the GDPR rules. One thing PureVPN does do is log some connection information, but they tell you exactly what and they tell you what happens to the logged information. With two payment plans on offer, they will accept Bitcoin, and they offer a 30-day refund policy:

Why You Need a VPN with Emus4U:

The main reason why you should use a VPN with Emus4U is that it stops your mobile provider from knowing where your software is coming from and where you get unofficial apps from. This means they cannot identify you while use Emus4U apps and games for as long as you want, uninterrupted. No doubt you have seen a recommendation for NessTool VPN; it may be a decent VPN service, but our tests showed that it wasn’t as secure as others are where Emus4U was concerned, so we opted for others that were much better.

Free or Paid VPN?

So, why have we recommended only paid VPN’s? For the simple reason that they offer far better protection. A free VPN will not be as fast, and you can expect constant interruptions from ads. Your information will be logged, and there is a genuine risk of it being sold on to third-parties.  Paid services are lightning-fast; there are no ads to interrupt your service and, while some do log information, they do tell you what and they tell you exactly what happens to it. Paid services offer far more protection and, with identity and data theft in the news so much these days, it’s a small price to pay for your security.

Get a VPN for Safety and Anonymity!

emus4u vpn

With so much at stake when you browse the net these days, using a VPN is the only tried and tested way to keep your data and your identity safe the only other way is not to go on the internet, and that isn’t an option for most people. When you use Emus4U app installer or any other third-party service or software, using a VPN alongside it is highly recommended to decide to stay safe and choose your VPN now.

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14 thoughts on “Best VPN for Emus4U App ( 2020 )”

  1. Using VPN with Emus4U: Dear Sir/Misses, I just downloaded the Tweakbox because last week I had trouble on the iphone, lost jailbreak and issues with Tweakbox as not upload this time of such. Any workout as network reset and more didn’t work. In the meanwhile I get the jailbreak work again via computer Cydia impactor. After cleaning and working jailbreak system, I can get the Tweakbox running properly. Than I came across Best VPN for Emus4U, and I remember I had an paid “Secure VPN” version paid asides the Norton Virus protection that I almost never use because there are to much websites blank, not visible I mean. After reading this web article I activated in the Secure VPN from Norton. I download for the first time the WhatsApp++ and need it to say, didn’t back up as I do not use cloud. Besides of that back to the reason I write this reaction. In case of VPN, the Norton Secure is an paid version of Norton Symantic. I have read into the article, the differences Free and paid VPN. Now the question: I read in the VPN explanation of VPN for Emus4U this, “revoke any certificate and you get to use our apps and games for as long as you want.” So the WhatsApp I have downloaded, I get the message, after 6 days most renewed the WhatsApp version. It advices to upgrade the app immediately.
    The topic in this issue is: Is the Secure VPN of the famous Norton not good enough for Emus4U? I ask this because of the revoke question… Perhaps I going too fast and need I to wait until the 6 days are passed away. The question is, perhaps has Nord VPN, the one into to read into this website explanation something special that compare the Emus4U? I have written so much that I will stop with this question, do I need to order Nord or Pure VPN and deactivated the Secure Norton VPN? In case the issue is not what I think, are there some settings to work out so that the apps can be used permanently? I look forward, thanks to read this explanation.

    • hi Luc, thank you for taking out the time to write so much. the apps were revoked at Emus4u’s end and hence everyone is facing the issue. This is something new that Apple has done, never been done before. Earlier revokes would be restored in less than 24 hrs. But not this time. The above two VPN’s work best with Emus4u and protect your identity while you use the app.

      These VPN services stop revoke and malfunction of the app at the user’s end, and not the developers end. So if the Emus4u app certificate is revoked, its revoked for everyone. But if its not revoked, then the VPN will protect your device, so that your device certificate is not revoked.

  2. hi why is it that when I download cotomovies the icon is faded and not full colored? also when I click on it nothing happens?

  3. I can’t not download emus4u. I have an iPhone and I watched the video for how to download. I click install emus4u app and then configuration profile click allow and then nothing happens.

  4. None of the movie box alternatives work for me anymore where they download fully and just doesnt fully install can you fix this ASAP I redownloaded Emus4u over and over but it doesn’t work


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