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Are you looking for a cool screen recorder app? There are tons of them on the app store, but none offer the same as Vidiyu app. A professional editing app, you can do so much with what you record.vidiyu



It isn’t free.

It will cost you $4.99 to purchase, but you get a whole heap of professional features for that.

What’s the story?

What is Vidiyu App?

It is one of the most popular screen recorder apps ever released. It may not be free but what it offers you is a professional way of editing videos and screen recordings taken with your iPhone or iPad, right there on your device – no need to download and use external software anymore.


Video Editor App Features:

For your money you are getting a ton of cool features:

  • The ultimate solution to on-device media editing
  • Shoot videos using your camera, add sound using your microphone or use pre-recorded video and sound from your device
  • Trim and mix them all into one file
  • Add background music or voiceovers
  • Full mixing volume control
  • Trim control so your audio files can be trimmed with precision
  • Record and manage all in one place
  • Mix together any combination of captured audio, audio already saved on your device, captured or saved video or live microphone recordings
  • Loads more cool features

It doesn’t get any better

How to Download Vidiyu App:

Downloading this cool app onto your iPhone or iPad is so simple. It’s an official app so download it via the iOS app store or just tap the link below and then tap Download on the app page:

Download Vidiyu

As simple as that

There are plenty of screen recorder apps in the app store, and many of them are free, but none of them offer you the features that Vidiyu provides. For just $4.99 you are getting an incredible, professional app that lets you edit your screenshots and videos straight away or create new ones from recordings already saved on your device.

Don’t miss out

This is an incredible opportunity for professional video creators to get cool features at a much lower price than other similar software. And you don’t need to download to edit either – just do it all on your device.

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