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Are you missing your favorite 3rd-party apps, games, and other tweaks? Then you’ve come to the right place because we are going to tell you all about TweakBox App.tweakbox

How to Download TweakBox:

TweakBox is entirely “Free to Download”, and you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to use it. It is easy to use with a simple, user-friendly interface and a search feature that makes finding apps and games very easy.

Download TweakBox

What is TweakBox App?

As one of the Emus4U alternatives, TweakBox offers a vast choice of apps and games, not to mention jailbreak tweaks that you can now download without Cydia. With thousands of apps and games to choose from, there is something for everyone here.

App Features :

With Tweak Box you get to choose from five separate categories of the app:

  • Flash Apps – apps that you will never find in the iOS app store
  • iOS Apps – Unofficial iOS apps and games for iPhone and iPad.
  • TweakBox Apps – Exclusive apps and games, including emulators, screen recorders, media streamers, and more that you can only find in TweakBox apptweak box
  • Tweaks – Tweaks for iOS firmware that gives few extra features to make iOS even better
    tweakbox app

So much to choose from and the best part is, it’s all Free.

That’s right, completely free.


The following are some common issues with the TweakBox app, along with solutions.

  • Solve Untrusted Developer

With custom or unofficial apps like Emus4U and TweakBox, Untrusted Developer error is common. Until you fix them, you cannot access the app, but you’ll be pleased to learn that solving this particular error is quite straightforward:

  1. From your home page go to settings
  2. Go to General and then Profiles
  3. In the profiles list, find the app profile and Trust it  
  4. Close down Settings, go to the installer, and you will see it works just fine.
  • Fix App Crashing Issue

With the demise of Cydia, custom apps have become more common, and more people are using a 3rd party installer than any other. To put a spanner in the works and stop your enjoyment, the app certificate will be revoked within a week, and your downloaded apps and games will crash. By installing one of the recommended 3rd party installer-friendly VPNs with your installer, you can stop this, leave the certificate intact and continue to enjoy the installer without any interruptions.

  • Fix White Screen Issue

iphone x white screen

White or blank screens are annoying, but they are not hard to fix.

  1. Open your iOS Settings app
  2. Go to the Safari Section
  3. Tap on Clear Website Data
  4. Now when you use TweakBox again, the screen will be back to normal

How to Delete TweakBox:

If you can’t get on with the installer or you have a niggling error that you just can’t fix, delete it:

  1. Open Settings on your device
  2. Tap on General > Profiles
  3. Tap the TweakBox profile and then tap Delete Profile
  4. Close Settings – TweakBox has gone.

Other Languages:

Français | Español | Deutsche

Additional Information:

App Name:
TweakBox App.
Ratings:[kkstarratings] [/kkstarratings]

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      1. Whenever I download the emus4u app, it will not let me download any of the apps and when it does they pop up on my screen completely black

        1. Hi, this issue of Emus4u or TweakBox app being revoked by Apple could be resolved by downloading a VPN app. Your data will be not passed on to Apple and they will not be able tThank.t and revoke your device certificate.

          Thank you.

    1. When I want to go to settings and trust in…I press profiles and it just says “tweakbox” tried to press on it just showed: Web clip, did I do something wrong?!

    1. that is probably the advertisement the developer put on the app. close it and skip the survey the close button must be on the top right of the screen. it is annoying we know.

  1. Doesn’t work on iPhone XS, XSMax or XR
    Downloaded apps just show up black and do nothing when you go to open. If you hold it down it says “cancel download”

  2. Bonjour,
    effectivement beaucoup d’application ne se télécharges pas ou reste en attente sur Iphone XR….C’est temporaire ou pas ??

    1. nous aimerions dire, c’est temporaire, mais cela dure depuis assez longtemps et nous cherchons des solutions.

  3. When I download the whatsapp in the app it says update the whatsapp messenger.?
    So I don’t have the whatsapp messenger on my ipad????? So please answer me?
    Than you.

  4. I downloaded the app then deleted it & now it won’t stop giving me a notification pop up saying “cannot connect to” & I’m constantly having to press ok, please help me fix this! I have an iPhone 7 Plus.

  5. I just want to install media box but after one day I no longer have access to it and now I can’t install it at all

  6. When I want to download a app from TweakBox sometimes the app does not load and sometimes it loads a little bit and stops

  7. I deleted two tweakbox apps through General > Device Management after they were revoked and when trying to reinstall them nothing happened. The download appeared on screen for about 0.2 seconds and vanished. I have tried reinstalling tweakbox several times, downloaded an app to prevent the revoking and checked the internet for anything similar to what I am experiencing. Please help as I am out of ideas.

  8. Where is the link to download tweakbox. I can not download when I press the button named configuration 1 or configuration 2
    Please help

    1. hi Scheißhaufem ( tough name 🙂 ). Please click on the blue download button above and it should download the profile on your device. You must do this on the Safari browser.

  9. I have not been able to download. It downloads and then at the bottom of my screen says tweak box.mobileconfig and “open in”. I click on the open in and there are no options that work to open it. I have an iPhone XR and have had tweakbox previously.

    1. gracias por sus amables palabras sobre la aplicación TweakBox. Sí, es una buena aplicación y a millones de personas en todo el mundo les encanta. Estamos tratando de traer pronto las instrucciones de descarga de esta aplicación en español. Gracias de nuevo por comentar.

    1. that’s correct. TweakBox has not been updated to support iOS 13.1.2 completely. It will take a week or so to move all the apps and games to be compatible with Tweakbox iOS 13.1.2

    1. Sorry about the issue. this error has been reported due to the expired certificate problem. We are looking into this and get this fixed ASAP.

    1. xin lỗi về vấn đề này vui lòng thử tải xuống TweakBoxApp sau 24 – 48 giờ. Có một số vấn đề với chứng chỉ ứng dụng.

  10. Hi, I’ve used Tweakbox in the past with different devices, but ever since I got this iPhone 7, used, I cannot download the app. When I click on the “download” box in the web browser, the button simply does nothing. No loading, no spinning wheels, nothing. I’ve downloaded stuff from the web before, but it’s super hit or miss for some reason. Sometimes I’m able to download apps directly from the website without the Tweakbox app, but other times I need to restart my device first or something. Any ideas?

  11. Hi I’ve been using tweak box for about a year now but for some reason I have been unable to download Spotify++ fo the last month or two now. is there anything I can do? I really miss my music :((

  12. I have been having the same problems since October. I rage quit and did Apple Music’s free trial. My three month free trial is expired and I officially have no music anymore. I have now deleted tweakbox because Spotify refuses to get fixed/resolved and I refuse to listen to ads and have limited skips and refuse to pay $5.99~9.99 a month…

  13. i download tweak box but it never showed in my Settings and there’s no page for me to allow it show in my Settings. why’s that?

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