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Internet date or dating app? Which one do you use? Tinder is proving to be one of the most popular dating apps ever to be released but, although it has plenty of features on offer, many of those are only available if you pay a subscription. And that subscription will set you back $9.99 every month but, if you are over 30, it’s a whopping $19.99 every month. Kind of off-putting really, isn’t it? Well, what if I could show you a way to get all those premium features for free?tinder plus small

Let me show you

Tinder++ is an unofficial version of the official app but with all the premium, paid-for features unlocked. Everything that the premium version of the app offers is here, and it’s all free. And you don’t even need to delete the stock app either, because the ++ app will integrate seamlessly with it.

Here’s the kicker

Download Tinder++ :

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

The only way to install the ++ version of the app on your iPhone or iPad s to download an app store called Emus4U. It is free to download, and you can treat it just like you do the official app store.

Just open the installer and search for the app; tap that download button, and all those premium features are yours, free of charge.

We’re not through yet.

Tinder Plus Features :

With the modified app, you will retain the free stock app features, but you also get:

  • Unlimited Likes
  • Super Like
  • Unlimited swipes right
  • Skip The Line – put your profile at the top
  • Hide your age and distance
  • Many other premium features

What’s more …

You don’t even need to jailbreak to install Emus4U. It’s all free and all yours right now so download it and then download the modified app onto your iPhone or iPad today.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error: 

Fixing the Untrusted Developer error that appears when you use Emus4U is very easy. This is just one of the ways that Apple tries to stop you using custom content, but if you follow these steps, you can get around it:

  1. In your iOS Settings app, tap the General section
  2. Go into Profiles and look for the installer in the profiles list
  3. Tap it, and then you can tap the trust
  4. Once one exit Settings and try using the installer again – you can get in without any issues

Fix App Crashing Issue:

Custom apps are a real problem to Apple, but they have found a way to stop millions of people using Emus4U – they revoke the certificate. The installer stops working, everything crashes, and you have to install it all again. With a recommended VPN installed, you can protect the certificate from detection and prevent it from being revoked.

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*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. I’m unable to change any settings (like changing location or hiding my distance) in the My Tinder Plus menu. When I close the menu, I always get this error: “Whoops! Sorry, an error occurred while applying your settings. Please try again.” When I open the menu again, the settings have been reset.

    Also, is it possible to get Tinder Gold for free, too, so that I can see who likes me?

  2. Yeah I can’t find it on the store either and other stores that have it are just plain and normal Tinder basic features

  3. Was able to use Link2 on this page but the it won’t allow me to make changes in the tinder plus menu, it’s pops up with subscription option.

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