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Do you use the SoundCloud app to stream music to your iPhone or iPad ? Do you begrudge having to pay out for the premium features ? The free version is okay but it does have some limitations, limitations that demand payment to be unlocked. Well, not anymore. I am going to show you how to get the full premium SoundCloud plans for FREE.soundcloud small

Yes, you read right…

Every premium SoundCloud feature FREE

Forget the monthly subscriptions that start at $4.99; You are going to follow my secret method and get all of those features that make SoundCloud the best absolutely free. And it all comes to you via an app called SoundCloud++.

That’s not all…

You don’t even need to install a jailbreak to do this! Ready to learn how to download SoundCloud++ with all the premium features for free? Then read on.

Download SoundCloud ++ :

Ready to learn the secret method ?

Direct Download Link

Here’s what you need to do; download Emus4U, an unofficial app store. That’s all you need to do. In Emus4U you can search for SoundCloud++ and install it directly to your device, giving you all the music and extra features you could possibly want; all without paying.

But there’s more…

Because Emus4U offers thousands of apps and games, many unlocked with new features, you can also download one of these alternative music streaming apps too:

Sound Cloud Alternative :

spotify plus plusGet App
pandora plusGet App


All you need to do is download Emus4U so you can get your unlocked version of SoundCloud today, complete with all the premium features, totally and utterly free of charge.

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