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With no new updates to Cydia for some time now, iOS users have been turning to third-party app installers as an alternative and one that is proving incredibly popular is Emus4U. This is down to the fact that it provides us with some of the top games emulators so we can still play console games on our iOS devices. But, given that it is a third-party installer that doesn’t come through the iOS app store, some are questioning its safety.

emus4u safe or not

How Safe is Emus4U AppStore ?

Emus4U is one of the safest app installers ever released and there are a few reasons for this. First, the developers made sure it was safe to use by putting the installer through a very rigorous testing cycle. It is free of malware and does not interfere with anything else on your device and, to keep it that way, the developers issue regular updates.

Second, unlike Cydia, Emus4U does not need to access the internal workings of the iOS. This means it cannot interfere with any of the security protocols or features that Apple has built into it. This, in turn, keeps your device safe from any damage that may be done as a result, intentional or otherwise. Plus, none of the apps or games in Emus4U can tap into the inner workings either, eliminating any security risks.

The developers of Emus4U take your safety and security seriously as well as their own reputation. To that end, the installer is monitored carefully and closely; should any app prove to be malicious it is removed immediately and the installer itself is kept fully updated with bug and security fixes.

I’m Still Not Too Sure :

emus4u safety issue

We can only tell you that Emus4U is very safe to use and will not cause any issues or problems for you or your device. However, if you really are not sure and are not prepared to take the risk, do not install it. If you have installed Emus4U and are concerned, you can delete it from your device in less time than it took to install it, leaving your iPhone or iPad exactly as it was before you installed Emus4U. You can access the guide on how to delete Emus4U at the link below:

Other Useful Links :

Millions of iOS users have installed Emus4U and have not experienced any trouble with it. In fact, most say it is the smoothest and easiest of all the app installers to use. Try it; you can delete it if you want but we don’t think you’ll want to. For more updates, you can follow us on Facebook.

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