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The iOS app store is one of the most comprehensive in the world with millions of apps and games. One up and coming game that is taking over is called PUBG ( Player Unknown Battlegrounds ) and it’s a great game that is free to download from the app store. It’s packed with useful features but, sadly, most of those features require you to pay for them.  What if I could tell you how to get those features completely free ?pubg hack

Is there a catch ?

There is but, before I tell you how to get PUBG completely Free, here’s what you get:

Game Features :

A first-person shooter game, the goal of PUBG is to survive and the full version comes with plenty of features:

  • Two modes of gameplay
  • Arcade mode – 30 players, just 5 minutes play
  • Classic mode – 100 players, 30 minutes of play
  • Regularly updated with new maps
  • Three player modes – along, as a pair or in a team of 4
  • Every weapon unlocked
  • All in-app purchases unlocked

Even better

This is all free with just a  couple of minutes of your time

Download PUBG Game :

All you need to do is download Emus4U. Completely free, Emus4U is an alternative to the official app store with two differences. One, everything is free and two, you can download from hundreds of modified and unlocked apps and games like this, all for free.

It’s ridiculously simple

Just download it, open it and download the game.

What’s the real deal ?

That’s it. No money to pay, just a minute or two of your time and you have all the unlocked apps and games you could possibly want – completely free.

Go ahead, download PUBG completely unlocked and free today and tell us how you get on. Get more tips and tricks like this by following us on Facebook.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error :

Apple really isn’t too keen n you using custom content on your device, like the Emus4U app installer. To try stopping you, they will show you an Untrusted Developer error and not let you get into the app. The steps below show you how to fix this.

  1. Open your Settings and go to General
  2. In Profiles & Device Management tap the installer app profile
  3. Tap the Trust button and shut down Settings
  4. Tap the app and you will go straight into the app without error.

Fix Game Crashing Issue :

We all know that Apple likes to control what we can and can’t do on our devices and stopping us from using unofficial apps is one of their goals. To do this, when you install the installer , they will revoke the certificate and the installer will crash. You lose everything and have to start again but you could stop the certificate from being revoked. Simply use one of our recommended VPNs with your game and your apps will be protected.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


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