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Battle games are all the rage on mobile devices these days, and there are plenty to choose from. One of the very latest is called Player Unknown Battle Grounds, or PuBG and it is an incredibly popular game.
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Even better

It is completely free


What is PuBG?

It is a battle game developed exclusively for mobile devices, free to download and play and offering a whole heap of cool features:

  • High-resolution full HD graphics
  • Play in battles with up to 100 players
  • Play Zombie mode and Deathmatch games, 4v4 players
  • Customize your game controls
  • 3D sound
  • Connect with other players through voice chat
  • Training mode
  • Realistic behavior for weapons and ballistics
  • Play on different terrains
  • Fight your way through awesome maps with dynamic weather and day/night cycles
  • Play single player, duo or a squad of four players
  • Play first-person ( FPS ) or third-person ( TPS ) shooter mode
  • Choose between hundreds of weapons and vehicles
  • Take part in daily events and challenges
  • Many more

How cool is all that!

Be aware

Although the game is free to download and you can happily play for free, if you want all the features, there is a subscription option costing $0.99 per week, and there are other in-app purchases. If you want, you can disable these, so you aren’t tempted to hit the Purchase button. Just open your iOS settings app and tap on Screen Time. Then tap Content & Privacy and do your stuff.

Moving on

How to Download PuBG:

This is an official app; the easiest way to download it is to simply do it from the app store. Or you can click on the link below and ta on Download on the app page:

Download PuBG

It really is that simple

PuBG is one of the newest yet fastest-growing battle games in the app store. Not only has it topped the app charts more than once, but it is also a Golden Drumstick winner.

Go ahead

Download it onto your device today and join in all the fun. There are plenty of cool features even if you choose not to pay the subscription fee; if you do want more, it will only cost you $0.99 per week. Join in with the millions of other battle fans and fight to become the last one standing.

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