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 Popcorn Time has always been a very popular app for streaming media content to mobile devices but not many of you will be aware that it is no longer a legal app to use. Anyone who does use it could get into hot water but you don’t need to worry; there are some other very good options to choose from.popcorntime

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Five Popcorn Time Alternatives

We spent some time going through many apps and have narrowed the choice down to five:

  • HBO GO

hbo go

First up is HBO GO, a subscription-based app that offers a wide range of HBO channel content plus some stuff from external distributors too. There are plenty of movies and shows on offer, documentaries, and more and you can stream in HD. Some content will not be available in all areas.

Download Link

  • iFlix

iflix app

Free to download and use, iFlix offers quite a range of movies, local content, TV shows and more and they even offer a recommendation for a Movie of the Day. You can use it on three devices at the same time and choose from multiple languages and genres. If you want more content, you can upgrade to iFlix VIP.

Download Link

  • Netflix


Another of the subscription-based apps, Netflix does offer a 30-day free trial first and is one of the best-known media providers. It offers lots of different content, plenty of movies and shows, with regular updates adding more all the time. It even makes recommendations based on your viewing but the content varies from region to region. You can use a VPN to get around the geo-restrictions though.

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We’re not finished yet

  • Tubi TV

tubi tv app

A relative newcomer to the media streaming scene, Tubi TV is experiencing very rapid growth and huge popularity. There are quite a few different genres to choose from and you can watch movies, TV series/shows, documentaries, sports, and more. Tubi TV is free to download and look through but, if you want to start streaming content, you need an account – this is free too. You cannot watch offline so make sure you have a good internet connection.

Download Link

And finally

  • Vudu

vudu app

Our last offering is Vudu, another free streaming app that is supported by non-intrusive ads. You can choose from over 10,000 different titles including series and movies, and you can watch in HDX.

Download Link

Don’t miss out

These are all great Popcorn Time alternatives, all legal, so take your pick and enjoy your movies. For more updates, you can follow us on Facebook.

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  1. Really enjoyed using Popcorn Time, but it has gone down within last 24 hours and can’t get it to work – Is this a known issue?

  2. This has stopped working, asking me to verify app but does not fix issue. Is this a known problem?

    Deleting app and re-downloading via Emus4U doesn’t work either.

    1. our certificated have revoked, and hence this issue is being faced by CotoMovies users. We will get it back working in a day or two max.

  3. It’s still not working somebody please fix it I love watching movies thru this app please fix it like yesterday thanks in advance..

  4. I am able to download the app via Emus4u fine, it seems to install but then upon what seems like completion the app icon remains dark and I am unable to use it. Seems to happen for MovieBox and a handful of others too. It doesn’t even install the profile to trust. Is there a general problem? Thanks

  5. I Download Emus4U,so far so good

    try to install popcorn time,i only get a popcorn symbol(grey) on the screen and i cannot find it under settings-general-profile section .

    Cannot open popcorn time.


  6. After download when I tried to change the English language to Arabic from the cc option it seemed same ….. it’s doesn’t change to Arabic plz let me know how to change

  7. Why isn’t working when I download any apps it stays gray or like not installed or whatever you call that can you help why it was working at the beginning but then no I uninstall popcorn and reinstall it and it’s not working at all.

  8. Was working fine yesterday and the day before (been using for only two days) but today it suddenly told me that the app was unverified and I couldn’t open. Reinstalled it and the app stayed greyed out and inaccessible, didn’t show up in the profiles tab in settings. Have the certificates been revoked again?

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