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Popcorn Time is a long-awaited result of several developers combining multiple APIs to make watching and streaming movies a pain-free and enjoyable experience.popcorn time icon

PopcornTime supports iOS devices and is an open-source project that brings us movie torrents from all over the world.

Download Popcorn Time:

This app is not the kind of app you will find in any official store, not surprising really, given the nature of it. Apple has never supported torrent downloading and likely never will but you can get this movie app by installing Emus4U app installer.

Method 1: iOS

Download Emus4U

  1. Follow the guide at the button above to Download Emus4U onto your iOS device emus4u iOS 12
  2. Open Emus4U from your home screen and go to the search box
  3. Type PopcornTime into the search box and wait; tap the result that corresponds to your search and tap on Get
  4. Wait for the download to complete, and the app icon will show up on your home screen
  5. Close Emus4U and open your Settings app
  6. Go to the Profiles section under General and tap the PopcornTime profile
  7. Tap on Trust
  8. Close Settings and go to your home screen, tap the Popcorn Time icon and start enjoying all your favorite movies

Method 2: Popcorn Time IPA

IPA File Link

  1. First download PopCorn Time .ipa file 
  2. Now install using Cydia Impactor app

Method 3: Direct Download Links

Tap the Download button below for direct download.

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

PopcornTime Features:

Popcorn Time offers a whole heap of features for users, including:

  • No restrictions on any movie – watch as many times as you want.
  • Huge catalog of movies to choose from
  • High-quality videos – choose from SD or HD viewing
  • Subtitles are available – drag the .srt file to the player to load the subtitles
  • Load external torrents
  • See which movies you already watched at a glance with a handy Eye icon
  • If you decide to stop using Popcorn Time, you can keep any videos you downloaded
  • No P2P sharing when you have watched a movie
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Support for Android devices coming soon
  • Plenty of in-app features to help you find what you want
  • Plugin system for Trakt, HTML5, Google Drive, VLC and more
  • Built-in HTML 5 player for watching your torrent collection and TV shows
  • Updated daily with new content
  • Constantly monitored for bugs and issues
  • Many more features

Alternative Apps:

PopcornTime looks set to become one of the most popular downloads because it provides so many useful features not to mention the vast number of films you can choose from. It’s free so download Popcorn Time and let us know how you get on with it. For more updates, you can follow us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. Really enjoyed using Popcorn Time, but it has gone down within last 24 hours and can’t get it to work – Is this a known issue?

  2. This has stopped working, asking me to verify app but does not fix issue. Is this a known problem?

    Deleting app and re-downloading via Emus4U doesn’t work either.

    1. our certificated have revoked, and hence this issue is being faced by CotoMovies users. We will get it back working in a day or two max.

  3. It’s still not working somebody please fix it I love watching movies thru this app please fix it like yesterday thanks in advance..

  4. I am able to download the app via Emus4u fine, it seems to install but then upon what seems like completion the app icon remains dark and I am unable to use it. Seems to happen for MovieBox and a handful of others too. It doesn’t even install the profile to trust. Is there a general problem? Thanks

  5. I Download Emus4U,so far so good

    try to install popcorn time,i only get a popcorn symbol(grey) on the screen and i cannot find it under settings-general-profile section .

    Cannot open popcorn time.


  6. After download when I tried to change the English language to Arabic from the cc option it seemed same ….. it’s doesn’t change to Arabic plz let me know how to change

  7. Why isn’t working when I download any apps it stays gray or like not installed or whatever you call that can you help why it was working at the beginning but then no I uninstall popcorn and reinstall it and it’s not working at all.

  8. Was working fine yesterday and the day before (been using for only two days) but today it suddenly told me that the app was unverified and I couldn’t open. Reinstalled it and the app stayed greyed out and inaccessible, didn’t show up in the profiles tab in settings. Have the certificates been revoked again?

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