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Emus4U is one of the best alternatives to Cydia, an app installer that brings us a huge choice of games emulators, apps, games and loads of modified content too, “ALL FREE. One game that has proved a popular download from Emus4U is the tweaked version of Pokémon Go, bringing lots of features in addition to those offered by the stock app.pokemon go hacks

Pokemon Go++ has always been a popular game, using a combination of GPS and augmented reality to let you hunt down Pokemon wherever you are. No matter whether you are in your local grocery store, walking to work, even in your own backyard, the game mod lets you see the monsters and capture them. With the tweaked version, you get all this and more.

PokeGo++ Features :

The tweaked version of the game offers loads of features:

  • All the stock features
  • The ability to hunt without leaving home. Using the built-in joystick control, you can see and capture your monsters without having to go out anywhere
  • Specialized trainer helps you spot the monsters
  • Where there are a few monsters to be caught, you can see at a glance which ones are the most valuable
  • Loads if in-app settings
  • Free to use
  • Plenty more useful and fun features

How to Get Pokemon Go MOD :

Before you can download the MOD, you must first download Emus4U. This is very simple, and you can have Emus4U and PokéGo++ on your device in a very short time.

Download Link

  1. Use the linked guide to Download Emus4U onto your device
  2. Open Emus4U by tapping the icon on your home screen 
  3. Tap Apps > Emus4U Apps
  4. Type Pokemon into the search box or just tap the button above provided by TweakBox app
  5. When the result loads, tap on Install
  6. Wait for the game to be installed and the icon to appear on your home screen

Method 2: IPA File

IPA File ( 118MB )

First, make sure you have the latest iTunes version and then follow the instructions below to install Cydia Impactor and the PokeGo++ IPA file onto your device from the link above version R102.

Now you can play PokeGo++ and take advantage of all the extra features for free.

Makes Playing Safe :

One of the reasons why the game mod has proved to be a popular download from Emus4U is the safety aspect. With the stock app, you need to be out and about to see the monsters, and this has led to a number of accidents being caused by people concentrating on the game and not on where they are going. With the MOD, you ” don’t need to leave home ” and can play in perfect safety.

Give the modified app a try and use the comments box below to share your views with other players and us. For more app recommendations and top tips, follow us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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