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If you are a real fan of Pokémon Go, you should consider getting Pokémon Go Plus. Using Bluetooth, PokeGo Plus connects to the Pokémon Go game app installed on your iPhone or iPad and it will alert you to any nearby Pokémon.pokemon go plus mod

The Pokémon Go Plus lets you catch Pokémon, get items, collect eggs, and more.

Pokemon Go has always been a popular game, using a combination of GPS and augmented reality to let you hunt down Pokemon wherever you are. No matter whether you are in your local grocery store, walking to work, even in your own backyard, PokeGo Plus lets you see the monsters and capture them.

What’s the story?

How to Get Pokemon Go:

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The Pokémon Go Plus offers several cool benefits:

  • The ability to catch Pokémon easily. The PokeGo Plus vibrates to tell you when one is nearby and flashes a green light. If it is a new species to you, the light will be yellow. Be aware that a single Poke Ball is used form your inventory; any Ultra Balls or Great Balls you own are not used. If you are out of Poke Balls, the light is red. pokego plus
  • Pressing the PokeGo Plus button will cause the device to try to catch the Pokémon. The Go Plus light pulsates white while the attempt to catch is in progress. If the catch is successful, you will see a message telling that “You caught a Pokémon” on your iPhone or iPad, the Go Plus vibrates, and the light turns through seven colors.

It gets better

pokemon go plus

  • If the catch is unsuccessful, the Pokémon will run away, and a message on your device tells you “The Pokémon fled”; the light flashes red.
  • When you are near to a PokeStop, the Go Plus vibrates with a blue flashing light
  • Pressing the button the Go Plus allows you to get things from the PokeStop. The items you get are displayed on the screen of your iPhone or iPad, and the PokeGo Plus vibrates, turning through seven colors

And there’s more

  • An activity log in the app will tell you what Pokémon was caught or what items you got while your device was asleep. Watch this official video below.

Do you buy one or not?

Only you can determine that, and it all depends on how serious and competitive you are with the Pokémon Go game. The benefits are obvious; you can catch far more Pokémon, and you can get a lot more items, and if that’s what you want, the Go Plus is a necessity.

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Pokemon Go

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  1. No , it doesn’t work. It keeps sending me to download Pokemon go from Niantic developer when I tried to log in.
    Ps. I use iphone

  2. The first link is not working to me, IT started downloading and then something went wrong and f*ckd the whole thing.

  3. Really enjoyed using it, just wanna know when they’re going to update it so that I can play it again because right now it just keeps telling me to update Pokemon go and I can’t log in, due to the app not being updated.


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