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Are you one of those that loves to take a movie with you when you travel ? Likes watching their favorite TV shows at any time of the day, no matter where you are ?moviebox app

That’s why MovieBox app was developed, to provide you with access to the latest 2018 -2019 movies and TV shows, including loads of HD 1080p Only Movies.

Its Even better :

There is “NO NEED to PRE-Download” your movie before you watch it, so you don’t need to worry about not having enough space on your device. Instead, tap it and stream it as you want.

Interested ?

Then read on to see how to download MovieBox app on your device :

How to Get MovieBox App :

Downloading MovieBox can be done in many ways. Tap Download button below for directly download without the installer.

Direct Download

Alternate Link 1

Alternate Link 2

Alternate Link 3

Method 1: using Emus4U

The first method is to download an external iOS app installer called Emus4U app.

  1. Download Emus4U app from the linked tutorial
  2. Now go to the Apps section and tap on the Search button and type MovieBox 
  3. Trust the profile under General > Settings if it shows ( Untrusted Developer Error ). untrusted enterprise developer image

Method 2 : Using Emu4iOS Appemu4ios logo small

You can also download from Emu4iOS App. Detailed instructions here .

Method 3: MovieBox IPA

MovieBox IPA ( 23MB )

To do this method, you will need :

  • Your Windows or Mac computer
  • iOS device and cable
  • Apple ID
  • Cydia Impactor
  • MovieBox .ipa file
  • An up to date version of iTunes

Once you have ensured that iTunes is up to date, follow these steps:

  1. Download Cydia Impactor from for Mac or Windows, depending on your platform 
  2. Download the .ipa file for MovieBox from the button above.
  3. Connect your computer and device together and launch Cydia Impactor
  4. Close iTunes should it open
  5. When Cydia Impactor has detected the connected device, drag the MovieBox .ipa file into it
  6. Close Settings and start using MovieBox by tapping the icon on your home page.

Method 4 : MovieBox APK

MovieBox APK ( 5MB )

  1. Download the MovieBox APK file from the download button above for your Android device.
  2. Now on your Android device go to Settings > Security > Enable Unknown Sources   
  3. Now launch the .apk file and install it. It should go ahead and install properly on your android phone/ tablet.

Other Useful Links :

MovieBox Alternatives :

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Is MovieBox Illegal ?

In technical terms, yes it is.  The owner of the show or movie has not provided permission for their media to be streamed and MovieBox does not have any right to stream material that is copyrighted. Use it at your own risk.

Fix MovieBox Crashing Issue :

If you are intending to use MovieBox on your iOS device to stream movies and TV shows, you should consider installing a VPN app as well.

While MovieBox is safe to use, it is not official and that means Apple revokes the certificate, crashing the app completely.

With a VPN tool, this doesn’t happen because the certificate is protected.

Is MovieBox your type of app ? Tell us what you think of it. What are you watching through it? You can get news of any updates to MovieBox and other useful news and tips by following us on Facebook.




*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


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