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Movie HD is a free app that offers a huge collection of HD movies and TV shows, available for direct, high quality streaming on your device. The app is updated every day with new content and you even have the option of downloading to watch later. With the built-in search facility, you can find your favorite movies easily, searching by rating, popularity, category, genre, release date and much more.


How to Download Movie HD :

Movie HD is not the type of app that will ever be allowed into the iOS app store; Apple is quite strict in their requirements and, although it is a safe app to use, Movie HD doesn’t meet those requirements. However, you can still download it very easily by downloading an app installer by the name of Emus4U first. Here’s how . Tap Download button below for direct download.


  1. Using the linked tutorial, Download Emus4U on your iPhone or iPad emus4u app logo small
  2. Now tap the Emus4U icon on your home screen to open the app
  3. Type Movie HD into the search box and wait; when the search results appear, choose the one that matches your iOS firmware and device versions or click this ( link ) as provided by TweakBox Team
  4. Tap Install and wait; Movie HD will now be installed onto your device and the icon will load onto your home screen.
  5. Before you can use it, you need to trust the profile so open your Settings app
  6. Open General > Profile & Device Management where you will see a list of the app profiles on your device
  7. Tap on the World of Enterprise app profile and then tap on Trust
  8. Come out of your Settings app, find the Movie HD icon and tap it to start streaming your favorite movies or shows.

Movie HD Alternative :

MovieBox :

moviebox download small

MovieBox is an excellent alternative to Movie HD, another free media app that offers free access to all the TV shows you could possibly want to watch, While not everything is in HD, there is a section for HD movies and you can also choose to watch some of the latest blockbusters. Find out more about MovieBox and how to download it by clicking the link above.

Poporn Time :

popcorn time icon

A New entrant in the movies app library is Popcorn Time. A huge list of the latest movies and tv shows are here, all in HD and SD formats for you to choose from.

With iOS devices becoming more sophisticated and with much better hardware, using them to watch movies and shows is becoming one of the most popular pastimes. Try Movie HD on your device and see what you think; you can follow us on Facebook for the latest developer updates.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


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