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One of the most addictive games on the market, Minecraft continues to grow in popularity with each year that passes. Do you play it? Do you even know what it’s all about? A game of strategy and survival, Minecraft used to be a Windows-based game but its popularity has led to mobile versions of the game, making it more widely available and a game to be played anywhere, anytime.minecraft icons

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What is Minecraft?

A highly addictive game, Minecraft is also one of the simplest in terms of graphics. Forget the high-end graphics we’ve come to expect in today’s games, this is nothing more than a game of blocks. The idea is simple – build a home, raise your own animals for food or breeding, grow crops to survive and explore for resources. Craft armor and weapons to fight the Endermen, spiders, zombies and many other monsters that roam the world. Explore caves, forests, water, and more to find the resources you need and interact with other players as much as you want – or not, as the case may be. Choose your game mode and embrace a world of simple blocky, heart-racing fun.

Sound good?

How to Download Minecraft:

iOS App Android

The only problem is, this isn’t a free game but you can’t expect to have that much fun without paying for it. To download it, click the link for the app store you want:

Minecraft PC vs Minecraft PE:


Minecraft PC and Minecraft PE are, essentially the same game but there are a few differences. The PE, or Pocket Edition game is the mobile version, giving you the option of playing the game anywhere you want so long as you have an internet connection. While both offer the same selection of game modes, the PE version offers better parental controls and multiplayer is invite-only.

However, unlike the PC version, although PE offers in-app purchases, there is no way of integrating any third-party mods and you cannot connect to any third-party servers. What you can do with both versions is play multiplayer with players on different platforms – play on iOS and you can join in with those on Windows, Android, and other platforms.

In short, Mine Craft PE offers much the same game features as the PC version but you get the added benefit of being able to play wherever and whenever you want.

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Game Features:

Minecraft provides loads of great features for all users:

  • A simple game that brings out your creativity
  • An addictive adventure game
  • Play on desktop or mobile
  • Build your world from the ground up
  • Hunt and explore for food and resources
  • Battle several types of monster
  • Craft your own tools, armor, weapons and more
  • Choose Adventure, Survival or Creative mode
  • Play on your own or join a multiplayer game
  • Many more cool features

It’s your turn now

Go ahead and download Mine Craft on any platform and enjoy a never-ending world of fun, a game that you won’t want to stop playing.

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