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Are you looking for a way to edit videos you take with your iPhone or iPad? There are lots of apps that claim to let you do this but none of them are as comprehensive as KineMaster.

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What is KineMaster?

A professional video editor, KineMaster is designed for mobile devices and it offers a ton of professional tools such as blending, speed control, special effects, subtitles and much more. It is the app of choice for professional video creators, marketers, vloggers and so on, because it allows for easy on-device editing.

And it’s free to download

App Features:

Here’s what you get with KineMaster:

  • Add multiple layers to your videos, including handwriting, text, special effects, stickers, and more
  • Want a unique look? Reverse your videos
  • Create stunning effects by using the blending modes
  • Add background music, voiceovers, sound effects, and even voice changers
  • Use the editing tools to trim, crop and splice your video
  • Get music, fonts, clip graphics, transitions, stickers and more from the Asset Store, updated with stuff every week
  • Use the speed control to slow motion and time-lapse effects
  • Great audio with volume envelope, ducking and EQ presets
  • Add motion to your video layers with the keyframe animation tool
  • Edit 4K video at 60 fps and export it easily
  • Choose from a range of color filters
  • Loads of other features, settings and more

Cool, yes?


There is a problem

Although the app is free, most of the features require a subscription, either monthly at $4.99 or annually at $39.99. If you don’t purchase the subscription, the app is limited and every video will be watermarked – this disappears once you sign up. Plus, without the subscription, many of the items in the Asset Store will not be available and neither will many of the editing tools.

Let’s move on

How to Download KineMaster:

If you want to at least try KineMaster, head to the app store and download it or click on the link below:

Download KineMaster

Over to you

Although you do need a subscription to make the most out of KineMaster, you can at least try it for free. The features you get with the subscription more than make up for the cost of it so if you do edit loads of videos it is well worth it.

Try it today and follow us on Facebook for more tips and recommendations.

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