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Emus4U is a popular third-party app installer that provides us with a tempting range of apps and games. emus4u app

Apps on this 3rd party app installer are all unofficial and there are tweaks for iOS that give extra features to make your iOS 12 user experience much better.

So How Can You Use it?

Download Emus4U on iOS 12:

Installing the app on iOS 12 firmware won’t take more than 1 minute. Full video explanation after post.

Configuration Profile

  1. Tap on any of the download buttons above.
  2. Give the page time to load and, when it has tap the link to Allow so the profile can be installed on your iOS deviceemus4u_profile
  3. This will open your Settings app; tap Install and then type your passcode in  
  4. A confirmation message will appear, tap on Install
  5. Then tap Done to complete the process
  6. Wait for the app to be installed, and the icon will be on your homepage emus4u_safari_new_app
  7. Start using the app
  8. emus4u_appCan’t find app icon or grey icon? It probably means the app hasn’t installed. Go back to the start and follow the steps again. If it’s still not working, then download an alternative app like Emus4U Installer.

Video: Above Steps Explained

Fix Installation Errors:

Installation errors don’t happen very often with this app installer, but some common ones do appear from time to time.

Don’t worry because they are easy to solve and you can find details of the common errors by visiting this page.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

untrusted enterprise developer image

One of the most irritating of all iOS errors is the Untrusted Developer error. Apple doesn’t want you using third-party apps so they will tell you that the developer can’t be trusted. You can fix this quite easily:

  1. Open iOS Settings on your mobile device
  2. Tap General > Profiles & Device Management
  3. You will see the app profiles on your device; tap the profile for the app
  4. Tap the Trust buttons and come out of Settings
  5. Now when you try the app again, the error will no longer appear.

Fix Apps & Games Crashing Issue:

When you install the apps and games from this 3rd party app installer, expect it to crash within a week and sometimes even less. This isn’t a problem with the apps or games; it lies with Apple. Because it is not an official app from the AppStore, Apple will not support it and to stop you from using it, they “Revoke” the app certificate. Your apps and games will crash, as will any app or game you installed too. There is a simple way to prevent this from happening; when you install the apps, install a VPN with it. The certificate will be hidden, and Apple won’t be able to revoke it.

More Solutions Needed?

How to Delete Emus4U:

Deleting the app is very easy, should you need to, and it will put your iOS 12 device back to exactly how it was before you installed it. You can find a guide to deleting the app here.

Need More Guidance?

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Some Important Links:

Emus4U app is proving to be a popular alternative to jailbreaking and, as it is free and fully supports iOS 12 firmware from Apple. So give it a go and don’t forget to tell us below what you think.

Additional Information:

App Name:
Emus4u Inc.

*Found a Broken Link? Report Us below.


    1. hi. , its not the iOS 12.1.4 update , its apple which revoked the app profile certificates. it will work , give us some time to resign them .

        1. Yes you can. To prevent such revokes in the future, download a VPN app from our list of recommended VPN apps. These apps make your emus4u data private and doest allow Apple and app developers from sneaking into your EMus4U app usage. Thus they cant identify and revoke your device certificate, thus preventing “revokes” which causes Emus4u app to stop working.

      1. Using iphone x ver 12.1.12
        Streaming apps from emus4u don’t work anymore.
        Redownloaded streaming app even emus4u but streaming app can’t be open or make it run..

        1. Sorry to hear that , try this solution . delete old app , now Go to Safari > Clear Website Data, then re-download the streaming app.

    1. it works , but at this moment , all our certificated got revoked. We are working to get things back , and should be resolved in 24 hrs. Dont worry about this.

  1. I am able to download emus4u app but when I try to get Spotify it just downloads as a grey app I don’t actually get Spotify. I had all my music on there now the app won’t load and I can’t get my music back

  2. Hey can we fix movie box haven’t been able to get it to work in a while 😬everything’s blank can’t even search for movies or shows😩 i need my shows plz 😫thank in advance u guys/gurls r great 👍🏽

  3. Untrusted developer notification. Cannot open app. Downloaded a vpn but it still doesn’t work. Assuming the license got revoked? Let me know on the wait time and what i have to do once the license is back up and running.

  4. I download the program. A white screen comes up. I delete it and installed again and nothing. I delete it and shut my phone off and installed it after restated my phone and white screen again

  5. I download and install emus4u then click on any of the movie or show apps to download and after ita downloaded and grey box shows up as the icon for that apl

  6. I’m trying to download Spotify but all it does is pop up a grey box and it deletes or something.
    Like it pops up and leaves quickly it doesn’t want to download I’m on the latest version of iOS and emus4u

  7. Keeps getting revoked. Am i supposed to run the vpn the entire time i use the app or all the time even when I’m not using it?

    1. hi , only when you are using the app. just flip the switch and use your app. always keeping it running is a good idea also, as you won’t forget to turn it on.

  8. I just tried downloading Spotify++ but it doesn’t open and comes out as a grey box, do I need to wait for you to update it or something? Let me know 🙂

  9. It’s not working on12.3 can download the app and applications but can’t open any applications you’ve downloaded

  10. what is with its like all of a sudden as of april 6th 2019 all my apps now have this verify app next to apps that were preinstalled and working,and if you click it ,it just cancles out,no deliting and reinstaling dont fix it ,its all 3rd party apps and all ++ apps from all services like tutu,emus,zjailbreak,hexxa,all of them just stoped working as of today

    1. yes , all app certificates were mass-revoked by Apple. It will all be restore in a while. 24- 48 hours. everyone is facing the issue.

  11. Hi i have iOS 12.2 and I try to download Spotify+++ but as soon as it finishes downloading it freezes and won’t let me enter the app and says unable to download.

    1. yes, we are aware of this issue. Its because our app certificate got revoked. We are working to get it working ASAP.

  12. Do you guy know estimate like in how long until you guys fix the not being able to download apps on iOS 12.2 will take

    1. we are working to get a working certificate so it doesn’t revoke again. Should be up in 24 – 48 hrs max

  13. I installed the app emus4u on my iPhone X ! The problem is that when i press cotomovies to download that app after app is completed it don’t work . Nothing happens ..! Can you plz tell me what’s going on with cotomovies …

  14. I bought the iPhone XR April 4th…re downloaded all my apps from my iPhone 6s. Emus4u & media box was working that night but when I tried watching my show Friday night (April 5th) ….nothing! I’ve been trying since the 5th & still today (April 11th)…can’t get any of the emus apps to download/work. I’ve been using this for almost two years & deal with the crashing/ cert revokes etc but never had to wait this long to access. At most I waited two days…what’s going on??? Currently on iOS 12.1.3 ???

    1. Hi Karen, thank you for your comment. The apps were revoked by Apple. All app installers are facing this issue. Only the TutuApp guys were able to get something working, and they named it TutuApp Lite. You can get the download instructions on this page – Emus4U Alternatives.

  15. Hi , so I’m able to download emus4u but when It comes to downloading Spotify++ it downloads but not fully the icon itself shows up but it turns gray and I’m unable to use it.

  16. Thank you emus4u for responding. I installed the tutu app as instructed but unfortunately no movie/tv show apps are available for downloading. Same issue with the cert revokes. Hopefully something will work soon 😔 I’ll keep trying.

  17. I download an app and it has the name of it and everything, but it is darkened and cannot access it. Also, I am only able to download one app. I have checked the solution page, but there is nothing to help there. am I doing something wrong? iOS 12.2

  18. Hi after losing the movie ox with the grey screen my Coto movies is now doing the same, I have tried all different ways even doing a hard reset on my phone. Can you advise please!

    Thanks. Helen

  19. Hi,

    I cannot download Spotify on emus4u 12.2.

    It shows since several days the same problem: „ Cannot connect with site url“

    What’s the problem?

    in the description its written, that we have to redownload after 24-48 hours or in few hours but i have the problem since more than a week!

    Can you help me?

  20. Dear developers, thanks for the effort that you put in this app.
    I have an issue concerning the “the grey icons”. I download some apps and after the installation they remain grey. Clicking on them nothing happens ( no request to validate de certificates, no error message). I tried the suggested fix (clear the safari data, but this didn’t fix the problem). I tried the installation with VPN and without it: no difference.

  21. Every time I try to download the app mediabox or popcorn time it installs it but when I click on the app it doesn’t open and my iPhone is upgraded to 12.2

  22. Hello! When I install the profile and try to open the Emus4u app it only shows a white screen and it will not load anything past that. Any recommendations?

  23. Hi, the grey icon fix (clearing website data) doesn’t fix the issue. I can download the Emus4u app but then when I try and get the delta emulator downloaded from it, I get the grey hatched app icon that doesn’t open. Clearing website data doesn’t help. Any ideas?

  24. Why untrusted enterprise developer pop-up not showing? Also, in settings trust message doesn’t appear, so I cannot use any 3rd party app or apps not linked to app store.

  25. I’ve tried everything but any off app is not working after installation they just grey’ed out. Cleaned caches data from safari. Is there any possibility if emu have .ipa file of ++ apps so i could use by cydia impactor.

  26. I downloaded then I deleted it by mistake when I downloaded it again it every time I click the app it just blank and I have tried to re download it Many times

  27. It ask me if I wanna install Moviebox I click install and nothing happens I Deleted and reinstalled EMus4. Several times and it still does nothing

    1. Hi Stacie, you can still download and install the profile. it works without any issue. If the downloaded apps dont work, please let us know.

  28. It’s telling me that one the profile’s signing certificates expired May 30 2019 so it won’t verify the app which won’t let download anything from the app

  29. Trying to download emus4u. Untrusted. I’ve tried everything suggested here. I have an iPhone 8. I am disabled & need to use for Pokémon go. Please help me.

    1. Hi Jacob, please go ahead and install the un-verified iOS profile. It will still work and download apps from our Emus4u app Store.

  30. Been trying to use apps but they won’t open. Says it not verified! Trying to verify the apps but can’t. Tried reinstalling and still not working. What do I have to do?

  31. when i click on the app icon of Spotify++ which i’ve dowloaded on my ios 12.3.1 it deosn’t open the app. Nothing happen. I did dowload from your app a lot of time previously but this time it doesn’t work i don’t understand why ??

  32. Most of your anime isn’t working. Dragon ball super, attack on titan, naruto etc. and the bit of it that does work doesn’t have English subtitles. Why?? Fixxx ittttt

  33. I had this app before and it worked great on my iPhone XS Max. I accidentally deleted it and now I installed it again. Now I accepted everything in order to work. My screen is black and nothing shows. I deleted again and installed it all over and yet it’s still the same.


  34. Emus4u, Cotomovies, MediaHD, are all not working. I’ve tried deleting everything and reinstalling it but still nothing. I’ve tried clearing my safari too, but also nothing. I’ve tried turning my phone off and back on again….STILL nothing. The emus4u profile will download but NONE aid the apps are working. Can you fix the apps or help me??

  35. Every time I install popcorn time it goes great but then it stops at 75% an the app goes dark, I try clicking on it but nothing happens, I went to settings, general and uninstalled and reinstalled like 5 times, 2 of them I tried emus4us “fixes” but nothing changed

  36. Whenever I download the apps on the emus4u app they load like they’re being downloaded but they stay black and I can’t get into them.

    1. sorry about the issue. the apps were revoked. the developers are trying hard to get them back running ASAP. thanks

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