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Emus4U is a popular third-party app installer that provides us with a tempting range of apps and games.emus4u app original small

Apps on this 3rd party app installer are tweaked and some have been modified with extra features to make the user experience much better. So How Can You Use it ?

Download Emus4U on iOS 12 :

Installing the app on iOS 12 won’t take more than a minute or two at the most. Requires Installing Configuration Profile ( Full video explanation below )

Configuration Profile

  1. Tap on the download button above.
  2. Give the page time to load and, when it has tap the link to Install so the profile can be installed on your iOS deviceemus4u_profile
  3. This will open your Settings app; tap Install Profile and then type your passcode in  
  4. Now Safari will open, find and tap the link to Install
  5. A confirmation message will appear, tap on Install and your settings app will open again
  6. Tap Install > Next and then tap Done to complete the process
  7. Wait for the app to be installed and the icon will be on your homepage emus4u_safari_new_app
  8. Start using the appemus4u_app

Can’t find app icon ?

It probably means the app hasn’t installed. Go back to the start and follow the steps again.

Video : Above Steps Explained

Popular Apps :

moviebox app

MovieBox offers quick access to your favorite Movies and TV shows, including all the latest and a great choice of “Full HD Movies”.

MovieBox also offers you the choice – download for later viewing or watch directly.

How to Delete :

Deleting the app is very easy, should you need to, and it will put your device back to exactly how it was before you installed it. You can find a guide to deleting the app here.

Fix Installation Errors :

Installation errors don’t happen very often with this app installer but there are some common ones that do appear from time to time.

Don’t worry because they are easy to solve and you can find details of the common errors by visiting this page.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error :

untrusted enterprise developer image

One of the most irritating of all iOS errors is the Untrusted Developer error. Apple doesn’t want you using third-party apps so they will tell you that the developer can’t be trusted. You can fix this quite easily:

  1. Open iOS Settings on your mobile device
  2. Tap General > Profiles & Device Management
  3. You will see the app profiles on your device; tap the profile for the app
  4. Tap the Trust buttons and come out of Settings
  5. Now when you try the app again, the error will no longer appear.

Fix Apps & Games Crashing Issue :

When you install the apps and games from this 3rd party app installer , expect it to crash within a week. This isn’t a problem with the apps or games, it lies with Apple. Because it is not an official app, Apple will not support it and to stop you from using it, they “Revoke” the app certificate. Your apps and games will crash, as will any app or game you installed too. There is a simple way to prevent this from happening; when you install the apps, install a VPN with it. The certificate will be hidden and Apple won’t be able to revoke it.

Important Links :

Emus4U app is proving to be a popular alternative to jailbreaking and, as it is free and fully supports iOS 12, you should give it a go.

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