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Instagram is the best app on the market for sharing videos and photos but the developers seem to have left a few basic features out and haven’t provided users with the best experience they could possibly have.instagram plus small

To that end, another group of developers came up with an app called Instagram++, bringing us extra features for free; read on for more details and a download guide.

As well as the stock features, Instagram+++ offers these extras :

How to Download Instagram++ :

Direct Download ( 78.2MB )

Alternate Download Link 1

Alternate Download Link 2

Alternate Download Link 3

Instagram Rocket ( 60.8MB )

Instagram++ cannot be downloaded from the Apple appstore. Apple is quite strict about what they allow in and modified apps don’t make the grade.

However, you can download it easily by downloading Emus4U, an unofficial app store; simply search for Instagram++ in Emus4U and download it:

Instagram++ is definitely a much better version of the stock Instagram app with so many more features on offer.

Instagram++ Features :

  • Choose full feed or thumbnail as your feed type
  • Customize timestamps with your choice of time and date format
  • Stop your bio from showing in your profile
  • Hide all comments from full feed view
  • Show image captions for zoom mode
  • Choose to see HQ images when in thumbnail
  • Long press an image to zoom in
  • Share images using the iOS share sheet
  • Download to camera roll
  • Share or download images and videos by double-tapping them
  • No jailbreak needed
  • Lots more features

It is well worth trying so download Emus4U, download Instagram++ and tell us how you get on. Don’t forget to browse Emus4U and see what else you can download – it contains hundreds of apps and games, many modified like Instagram++.

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*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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