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Delta Emulator is the latest games emulator app to be released for iPhone that offers access to the top Gameboy and Nintendo games available, both classic and emulator

How to Download Delta Emulator:

Content Summary

This will only work on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad; for any other smart device, use one of the emulators linked at the end of this page, all of which are fully functioning, free games emulators.

Method 1: Emus4U App

Tap the Download button below for direct download.

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

  1. Download Emus4U app from the linked article.
  2. Once it is installed, open the Emus4U app
  3. Click the Apps button
  4. Go to the section for Emulators and locate the Delta app; click on the Get button to proceed. delta emulator emus4u app
  5. Launch the emulator app, and you can choose and play your Nintendo games.

Method 2: AltStore app

altstore app

You can download the AltStore app on your computer to directly install the Delta Emulator app. This requires either a Mac or Windows PC. Follow the simple download steps below.

AltStore App

After downloading AltStore, you will be able to download Delta emulator app from the Browser section.

delta emulator altstore

Method 2: Using IPA File

Delta IPA File

You are going to need Cydia Impactor for this method and your Apple ID/Password.cydia-impactor-

  1. Make sure that iTunes is up to date on your computer – open iTunes, click Help > Check for updates and follow on-screen instructions if there is an update.
  2. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer and close iTunes if it opens
  3. Download Cydia Impactor on your computer
  4. Next, tap the download button above to download the Delta .ipa file
  5. Launch Cydia Impactor and wait for it to pick up your iPhone or iPad
  6. Find the .ipa file and move it into the open Cydia Impactor window (drag and drop it)
  7. Input your Apple ID and password and then leave Cydia Impactor to sideload and sign the file
  8. When it is done, the Delta icon is on your home screen – don’t use it just yet
  9. First, open Settings and go to General
  10. Tap Profiles and Device Management and find Delta Emulator in the Profiles list
  11. Tap on it and then tap on Trust
  12. Close Settings; Delta Emulator is now ready for you to use

What is Delta Emulator?

delta emulator

A multi-system emulator for iOS devices, Delta Emulator, was developed by Riley Testut, previously of GBA4iOS fame.

Emulator App Features:

Delta Emulator is one of the most feature-packed emulator apps, offering:

  • Customized skins for the touch controls
  • Vibration mode for feedback from controllers
  • iPad split-screen support
  • Support for MFI controllers and input mapping
  • Support for PlayStation and Xbox controllers with input mapping on iOS 13 or above
  • Support for external keyboards and input mapping
  • 3D Touch icon on the home screen
  • Custom cover art
  • Multiple save states
  • Cloud syncing for the game, ROMs, cheat codes and save states
  • Support for cheat codes
  • Sustain button
  • Built-in browser
  • Support for Airplay
  • Support for WarioWare Twisted!

Frequently Asked Questions:

As with any app, there are always some questions that get asked frequently:

  • How Do I Install Delta Emulator?

Not from the iOS app store. Right now, Delta is in closed beta and, as such, there isn’t a way of downloading it from the Apple AppStore. Right now you can download it from the links above on Emus4U appstore.

  • Is My Device Supported?

Delta Emulator is supported on all iOS devices on iOS 10 or above, and the app has been specially optimized to support the iPhone X series of devices.

  • What About Adding Games to the Emulator?

Right now, there are three ways to do this:

Method 1:

  1. Open any web browser on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Open a search engine and look for the game ROM’s you want to download ( what is a ROM ) make sure it is from a reputable site
  3. Download it and, when it has completed, find and right-click the file
  4. Select Open With and choose Delta; the game will open in Delta Emulator

Method 2:

  1. Download any ROM you want onto your computer
  2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and then open iTunes
  3. Choose your device and then click on Apps (top of the screen)
  4. Click File Sharing and then click on Delta
  5. Drag the games you want into Delta
  6. Open Delta and click on Add ( top-right ); choose iTunes as your import source

Method 3:

If you have Delta ROMS already stored in Dropbox, Google Drive or any other cloud storage, you can enable syncing on your iPhone or iPad; any ROMs, cheats, saves and save states will automatically download.

  • My ROM Won’t Import Properly, What Do I Do?

Riley Testut has produced a guide on each system, and you can check it out here. If all the guidelines are met and the ROM still won’t import, there is a good chance the ROM is corrupted. Find a new source an make sure that the ROM has been correctly zipped – it should only be the ROM, not a folder that contains it.

  • Can I Delete Games?

Yes. Find the ROM image that you want deleting and long-press on it; tap on delete and confirm on the popup window. This will not remove any ROMS that may be stored in cloud storage.

  • How Do I Transfer Files Between my Computer and Device?

Quite easily but be aware that only ROMS and save states will work with another emulator.

  1. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes
  2. Click on your device and then click Apps
  3. Click File Sharing > Delta and drag the Database folder onto your desktop – this is where all your data is
  • Will I Lose my Data If I Delete Delta?

Yes. Copy all your data into the Database folder on your desktop and then reinstall the app; the data can be dragged back to it. If cloud syncing was enabled when you delete the app, any data stored in the cloud is safe and, if you reinstall Delta, you can sync it.

  • How Do I Switch Fast Forward on?

While you are playing any game, tap Menu and tap Fast Forward, alternatively, if you have a keyboard or MFi controller connected, configure a button so fast forward is enabled when you hold it down.

  • What About Sustaining a Button?

Again, while in gameplay, tap on Menu>Sustain Button. The controller will come up, and you can choose the button. If you are using an MFi controller, configure any button to go into Sustain mode when it is pressed. Then tap on the button you want to sustain or press where there is no button if you want to cancel it.

  • I want to Change the Graphics Filters – How Do I Do It?

There is no support for this yet; it is expected in a future update

  • Can I Use My iPad?

Yes. Delta has full support for the iPad and also for the split-screen view so you can multitask efficiently.

  • I Want to Link Two Devices so I Can Trade – Is This Possible?

This is not yet supported, but saves can be transferred to your desktop and then linked together. Use a program like VBA-Link to do this. We expect this feature in a future update.

  • How Do I Create Save States?

When you are playing, tap on Menu>Save State. A new menu will appear, tap on any General save state if you want to overwrite it or, to add a new one, tap on the Plus button. To identify the save state, a time signature and snapshot of the game is also saved. You cannot override autosaves or locked save states.

  • How Do I Load Save States?

In gameplay, tap on Menu>Load State. Choose the state you want to load, and the game will start at that point. If you force-touch on a game and swipe up, you can load the most recent save state. Long-pressing and tapping on the Save States will allow you to load a specific state.

Note: when you do this, an autosave state is created, allowing you to go back to where you were if the load was an error. Plus, no changes are made to your save file when you load or create save states, so make sure you save when you can.

  • Can I Give Save States a New Name?

Yes. When you are playing, tap on Menu>Save or Load State. Tap and hold on a state (not an autosave) and tap Renae on the new menu. Type the name and tap Rename. You can do the same thing from the main menu in Delta by long-pressing a game.

  • Can the Save States be Protected From Accidental Overwrites?

Yes. Follow the steps for renaming a save state and, when the menu appears, tap on Lock/Unlock. Tap on Lock and the state is moved to that section. These cannot be overwritten but can still be loaded or deleted. To unlock, tap, and long hold on a state and tap on Unlock.

  • How Do I Get Into the Cheat Menu?

During gameplay, tap on Menu>Cheat Codes.

  • How Do I Enable or Disable Cheats?

When you bring up the Cheats menu, you can toggle each individual cheat on or off by tapping it

  • What Cheats Are Supported?

Riley Testut has drawn up a list of the accepted cheats, and you can find them here.

  • How is Syncing Enabled?

From the Delta main menu, go into Settings and tap on Cloud Syncing. Then tap on Enable Syncing. Delta gives you the choice of signing into Google Drive or Dropbox; choose and sign in, and your data will be synced to your cloud service.

  • After I Enable Syncing, My Games are All Marked as Conflicted – Why?

Because there is already a save file for the game in your cloud drive. Delta cannot tell which save the file you want to use, so it marks it as conflicted, and syncing is disabled. That way, the right file doesn’t get written over accidentally.

  • How Do I Remove a Conflict?

Open the Syncing menu and tap on the game name. A new view loads showing you the local and any cloud files for the game. Choose one to use on all devices and then toggle on the switch (top of the screen). The save file will be synced to all devices and syncing re-enabled.

  • Can Syncing Be Enabled or Disabled for an Individual Game?

Yes. Open the Syncing menu and choose the game you want syncing enabled or disabled for. Tap it and toggle the switch on the new view off.

  • Can I Sync to More Than One Cloud Service?

No, this is not supported at the moment. It may be added in a future update.

  • I Chose The Wrong Save File for Syncing on a Conflicted Game. How Do I Restore the Previous File?

Open the Syncing menu and choose the game you want to be reverted to a previous save file. On the net window, choose the version you want to sync with.

  • How Do I Change Skins?

Open the Main menu and tap on Settings. Go to Controller Skins and tap an emulated system – it depends on which skin you want to be changed. A new menu will appear, tap on Landscape or Portrait and ta the skin you want. You can do this whenever you want.

  • Can I Add More Skins?

Yes, and there are three ways to do it.

Method 1:

  1. Open any browser on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Find a Delta skins website and download your choice of skin
  3. Find the file and right-click it, selecting Open With
  4. Tap on Delta, and it will be in the skins section in Delta.

Method 2:

  1. Go to any Delta skin website and download a .deltaskin file.
  2. Connect your device to your PC and open iTunes
  3. Click your device and then click Apps
  4. Click on File Sharing and then on Delta and drag in whichever skin you want.

Method 3:

  1. Open the in-app browser in Delta by tapping the plus button on the main screen
  2. Fin any Delta skins website and find a skin
  3. Download it, and it will appear in the skin selection view in Delta
  4. Open the Skin selection view and tap on the Plus button
  5. Tap the skin you want from the list that opens, and it will download

There are likely to be different methods added in future updates.

  • Can I Change the Opacity of the Controller Skin?

Yes, you can. Open the Main menu and tap on the Gear at the top. Go down to Controller Opacity and slide the slider to change the opacity. Custom skins must have support for opacity; otherwise, it won’t work; it will work on all default skins.

  • Can I Make Skins of My Own?

Riley Testut has provided a tutorial on how you can do that, and you can find it here.


The development team for Delta Emulator does not condone piracy in any way. It is illegal to download any ROM from the internet, and we urge you to buy your own games and dump them. The legality, or otherwise, may also include downloading ROMS for games that you already purchased.

Why Download Delta Emulator?

Delta Emulator is an incredible gaming emulator, offering so much access, you won’t need another emulator app. The fact that it is free and doesn’t require a jailbreak is a massive bonus, and it opens Delta Emulator up to many more users.

Alternatives Emulators:

Delta Emulator is a decent emulator and worth a look for iPad users. Do let us know what you think of it an follow the developers on Facebook or Reddit for more tips like this.

Other Languages:

Français | Español | Deutsche

Additional Information:

App Name:
Riley Testut

*Found a Broken Link? Report Us below.


    1. yes, we are working to fix this issue. Please download and use a VPN to avoid a revoke in the future. A VPN stops Delta emulator’s app activity and stops app revokes.

    1. hi , thank you for commenting. you need to contact the developer of the game and delta emulator for resolving this issue. link in this post itself.

  1. It doesn’t work for me on my iPhone I downloaded emus4u the other apps on it won’t download I don’t know why any option for me

    1. hi, you can also try the AppValley app for downloading Delta. Go to the link in the above tutorial. download from there

  2. 12.3.1 running on iOS the device is an iPhone XR for some reason today the app is telling me to verify it but I’ve been using it all week.

  3. Everytime I try to play a game (Pokemon FireRed) the app crashes like 2 minutes in. How do I fix this problem? Or is it the rom I downloaded?

  4. I downloaded the Emus4u app and then used that to download Delta but a message pops up saying that it’s unable to connect and to try again later. The app icon itself downloads but is grayed out. I tried it with other emulators from Emus4u and the same thing happens

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