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Delta Emulator is the upgraded version of the GBA4iOS Emulator, which only supported Gameboy Advance and GameBoy Colour Games. With Delta Emulator, you get a more polished version of the same emulator from the original Developer Riley Testut, but with additional Console emulator

How to Install Delta Emulator Skins:

There are multiple ways to download and install Delta Emulator skins on your device. Follow the steps below for detailed information.

  1. Open the Main menu and tap on Settings. delta emulator settings
  2. Go to Controller Skins and tap on Portrait or Landscape – it depends on which skin you want to be changed. delta emu skins
  3. A new menu will appear, tap on Landscape or Portrait and tap the skin you want. You can do this whenever you want. deltaemulator skin

How to Add More Skins:

Yes, and there are three ways to do it.

Method 1:

  1. Open any browser on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Find a Delta skins website ( Download Links Here ) and download your choice of skin
  3. Find the file and right-click it, selecting Open With open in delta emulator
  4. Tap on Delta, and it will be in the skins section in Delta.
  5. You will now find the skins under each compatible controller delta emulator skins

Method 2:

  1. Go to any Delta skin website and download a .deltaskin file.
  2. Connect your device to your PC and open iTunes
  3. Click your device and then click Apps
  4. Click on File Sharing and then on Delta and drag in whichever skin you want.

Method 3:

  1. Open the in-app browser in Delta by tapping the plus button on the right of your main screen delta emulator skins
  2. Tap on Files and Find any Delta skins website and find a skin
  3. Download it, and it will appear in the skin selection view in Delta
  4. Open the Skin selection view and tap on the icon delta emulator skin app
  5. Tap the skin you want from the list that opens, and it will download

There are likely to be different methods added in future updates.

Download Delta Emulator Skins:

  • Gameboy Advance Skins

delta emulator gba skins

Download Source 1

Download Source 2

  • Gameboy Color Skins

delta emulator gbc ckins

Download Source 1

Download Source 2

  • Nintendo 64 Skins

delta emulator n64 skins

Download Source 1

Download Source 2

  • SNES Skins

delta emulator snes skins

Download Source 1

Download Source 2

  • NES Skins

delta emulator nes skins

Download Source 1

Download Source 2

  • Sega Emulator Skins

delta emulator sega skins

Download Source 1

Download Source 2

Can I Change the Opacity of the Controller Skin?

Yes, you can. Open the Main menu and tap on the Gear at the top. Go down to Controller Opacity and slide the slider to change the opacity. Custom skins must have support for opacity; otherwise, it won’t work; it will work on all default skins.

Can I Make Skins of My Own?

Riley Testut has provided a tutorial on how you can do that, and you can find it here.

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