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Are you a long-time user of CotoMovies? Disappointed to find it isn’t considered legal anymore? Don’t despair, there are loads of legal streaming apps to choose from and, while some may be subscription-only, they are not expensive and offer great value for money.cotomovies

Top Five CotoMovies Alternatives

There are plenty of apps available for streaming and we found five that are legal for you to use:

  • Amazon Prime

amazon prime video

Amazon Prime is one of the most well-known names, not just as an online marketplace but for media streaming too. You have the option of an Amazon Prime account or just Prime Video where you can watch movies and TV series, including original Amazon series. Some do require payment, either to purchase or rent and there is a free trial for new customers. Otherwise, a subscription is required.

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  • HBO GO

hbo go

Another popular name, HBO GO also requires a subscription but offers loads of streaming option from all the HBO channels as well as a certain amount of external distributor content too. Streaming is in full HD but some content may be geo-restricted.

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Cool, right?

  • iFlix

iflix app

iFlix is free to use and offers quite a lot of content, including a Movie of The Day Recommendation, lots of different movies and TV series, as well as local content.  It is possible to watch something on one mobile device and have two others simultaneously streaming and you also have the option of watching offline. It is available in multiple languages and you can upgrade to a VIP app.

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  • MX Player


MX Player is another free app that offers more than 150,000 hours of viewing and lots of different genres. You can choose your language and watch in seamless playback with little to no buffering. You have the option of streaming or downloading to watch later and you can even find a lot of Hindi TV shows in this app.

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  • Viu

viu app

Viu is aimed at providing drama and movies for users from South Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia. It offers a huge choice of music, series, movies, TV shows and more in full HD with several subtitle languages available too. You can choose to watch Viu originals or lots of other content from around the world and you can get notifications for new episodes. Completely free, Viu offers loads of cool features.

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And we’re done

Take your pick; all of these are legal to use and offer a huge amount of choice.

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  1. I had to re-install the app on my iPhone XR as the trusted developer error message appeared. Every time I re-install the app usual icon is just grey and the developer does not appear under profiles input emus4 u appears there.

  2. Hi I have a recommended vpn … I’ve downloaded emus4u from safari that’s ok… I switch on the vpn then download Coto movies or popcorn it then defaults to the bobbys app no matter which movie app I go to download.. and it doesn’t open ? Should I be using the vpn before downloading or am I doing something wrong . Tia

  3. I downloaded Coto movie app an it stopped working when I re downloaded it it’s all grayed out an wont work what can I do to fix it

  4. Hey why does this keep happening I LOVE this app please don’t take it away but I just want to know why do we have to keep downloading and re downloading it for it to work on iPhones or iPads

  5. It’s April 11. Is there any progress? I still can’t use cotomovies on my IPad. It is just grey and won’t show up in the profile section of settings. Only emus4u shows up.

  6. Have had coto for some time now and I recently updated my phone now when I try to re download any app it greys out? Any idea of what this could be or how to fix it?

  7. It’s still not working it’s still grey any help or solutions I comment a lot and never gets a response I’ve already erased it and reloaded it still no luck

    1. Sorry to hear about this. Try removing Emus4u and then re-download. and then try this time. apps were revoked and we have a hard time signing the apps.

  8. App has downloaded but your advise on
    Limited Tracking does not work!!
    Still getting message and have followed all your instructions twice

    1. Hi Tracie, are you using a VPN? if not, start using one while using movie downloading apps like these. This would stop your device from being tracked for downloading movies from CotoMovies.

  9. I had downloaded it and it work perfectly but then it said I had to trust it so I had and it still wouldn’t work so I deleted it then tried to re-download it and it won’t download it just stays grayish and I can’t open it

  10. The App won’t work and all the alternatives are not what I’m looking for…I already have prime video and don’t need to download other apps from the App Store. Will this App or other MOVIE Apps from before ever work again?

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