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BobbyMovie has gone. That’s right; if you used it and wondered why it wouldn’t work anymore, it’s because the app is no longer being supported and has been closed down. Don’t worry though; there are lots of other cool movie apps that let you stream what you want when you want, and we found five of the very best.bobby movie

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Top Five Bobby Movie Alternatives:

Rather than you having to work your way through thousands of apps, we did it for you, and we found five, some of them legal, some not, that all work well for streaming movies, shows, and other media content. And, you’ll be pleased to know that, legal or not, all of them are safe to use.

Ready? Then let’s go

Hulu App:

hulu app

One of the more popular movie streaming apps, Hulu offers access to a ton of TV shows, movies, cartoons, and more. It has support for all the big platforms and for Chromecast, is updated on a regular basis to make sure it is safe and to give you more choice of media to watch. It is a web-based app, but it only takes one click to access more content than you thought possible.

iOS Installer  Android App

Vudu App:

vudu app

Vudu TV is quite new, but the sheer choice of content on offer makes it one of the fastest growing. As more and more people choose to use it, the developers are making an effort to update it on a very regular basis, adding new shows and movies all the time. There is no offline mode, but you can still watch what you want so long as you have a data connection. You will need to sign up for a free account.

iOS Installer Android App

We’re not done yet

Kodi App:


Kodi is the most well-known media app in the world. Open-source and completely free, it offers you a legal way of storing your own media and watching or listening whenever you want. Where it becomes not quite so legal is that you cant stream any other movies or shows without installing add-ons from the internet. There are loads of these, each providing a ton of movies, Tv series, cartoons, documentaries, sports and more, all free. These add-ons are not legal, so consider using a VPN when you use them to protect yourself. There are loads to choose from, just run a quick search on the internet for the best ones.

iOS Installer Android App

And more


slicktv logo 120px

Like Bobby Movie, Slick TV is an amalgamation of APIs from different developers, offering content to suit all users. Cartoons,, documentaries, the latest movies, TV shows, animes, live TV, sports, and more, are all on offer in a reliable and safe streaming app.

SlickTV App


Coto Movies:

coto-movies-app icon

Coto Movies is the replacement to Bobby Movie and is proving popular. With plenty of movies and TV shows to choose from, you can even download and watch later offline if you don’t want to stream it there and then. Although it an Android app, there is an easy way to install it on iOS devices.

Coto Movies App

Isn’t that cool?

So many choices now; not so long back, decent movies streaming apps would have been hard to come by, with most being very limited in what they offered. Now, there’s plenty to choose from, and they are all free.

Don’t miss out;

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