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Wouldn’t it be great if you could stream your favorite animes for free? Or have any anime you wanted at your fingertips without having to search? Well,  now you can with an app called AnimeGlare.animeglare app icon

The best part?

It’s completely FREE

AnimeGlare Features:

And you get all these great features:

  • The best streaming links; just click and stream
  • Anime movies and shows, each with several sources to choose from
  • 100% ad-free
  • User-friendly
  • Works on iOS and Android animeglare iphone x
  • No jailbreak needed
  • Completely FREE

Want to see how it works?

How to Download AnimeGlare:

This app can be downloaded in three ways; choose your method and follow the steps:

Method 1: Emus4U App

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

Emus4U is a free app installer, full of apps, tweaks, and games, including Anime Glare. Click the link to download it:

Open Emus4U, find AnimeGlare and tap to download.

Method 2: Android APK

Android APK File

Full support is provided for Android users; all you need to do is download the .apk file. Here’s how:

  1. Open Android Settings > Security
  2. Tap Unknown Sources and tap to enable it
  3. Download the AnimeGlare .apk file on your device
  4. Find it, tap to download and install

Method 3: iOS IPA File

AnimeGlare IPA File

Last but not least, iOS users can also download the .ipa file, and for that, you need Cydia Impactor:

  1. Download the AnimeGlare IPA file on your computer
  2. Download Cydia Impactor on your computer and open it 
  3. Connect your iOS device to your computer and wait for Cydia Impactor to find it
  4. Drag the IPA file into Cydia Impactor and input your Apple ID/password cydia-impactor-
  5. Cydia Impactor will now load the app and, when done, the icon will be on your home screen.

See how easy it is?

We’re not done yet

Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

This is a common error that stops you using the app; simply trust the developer and the app will work properly:

  1. Open Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management
  2. Tap the relevant profile name
  3. Trust it, close Settings and try again

Stop AnimeGlare Crashing:

One last thing; because Anime Glare is not an official app, Apple will revoke the app certificate. This will make the app crash, but there is a way to prevent this. Simply install a VPN, and your certificates will be left alone.

Over to you

Download AnimeGlare, tell us your thoughts and follow us on Facebook for more cool app suggestions.


  1. Don’t waste your time this animeglare will not work long I should know I keep having to delete it and get it back because it won’t work

    1. Hi Johnathan, the Emus4U app “Developer Certificate” was revoked by Apple. Please wait while the developer restores it back and AnimeGlare will start working again.

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